Scattergories-Inspired Baby Shower Game

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What is a simple and fun game for a baby shower?

Scattergories-Inspired Baby Shower Game

The board game Scattergories can easily be altered to create a fun and energetic game for a baby shower. All you need are enough copies of the alphabet sheet and a writing instrument for every guest. The sheet should list every letter of the alphabet, each followed by a line on which to write the answers. In actual Scattergories, the sheets contain categories and a die is rolled to select a letter that each category’s answer must begin with. In the baby shower version, the only category is "Baby" and each guest should try to come up with an appropriate word that begins with each letter of the alphabet. The host and mom-to-be should keep the time and be the judges. In addition to the obvious answers, like "bottle" and "diapers," you can accept answers that relate specifically to the guest of honor and her baby. For instance, if her nursery theme is dinosaurs, "Tyrannosaurus" could be an acceptable answer. When the designated time is up, start with one guest and have them read her answers. If any other guest has that same word, everyone who wrote that answer must cross it out. This should continue until every guest has read her list. Each participant should total up the number of words she didn't cross out. The person with the most unique words wins the game and a prize.



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