Creative Baby Shower Gift Wrap Ideas

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What are some baby shower wrapping paper ideas?

Creative Baby Shower Gift Wrap Ideas

When you are giving a gift at a baby shower, you could spend $5.00 for a roll of wrapping paper with ducks or baby blocks on it. However, an idea that is more fun is to get creative on your gift wrapping.

One idea that is especially appreciated by new moms is to wrap the baby gift in a small receiving blanket or burp cloth. These are two items that are used all the time, so you are in essence giving a bonus gift that costs no more than the wrapping paper would have.

If you are trying to save money, consider using blank newsprint or butcher paper that you decorate yourself using paint, marker or other materials. Children will love to help you create special wrapping paper in this manner.

No matter how you do it, getting creative with your baby shower gift wrap is a lot of fun!



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