Help him Relate

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How can I help a new big brother feel important?

Help him Relate

If that expecting mommy has a little boy at home, include him in your gift giving efforts. It's a really sweet gesture to include some big brother gifts with your baby shower gifts so that the new big brother won't feel left out. Looking for some good ideas? Help the little guy see what an important person he will be in the new baby's life by getting him a "Me and My Big Brother" picture frame.

Explain to him that he is going to be a super important person in the baby's life and that the baby will look up to him. Also tell him that when the baby is old enough, mommy or daddy can take a picture of the two of them together and put it in the frame to place in the nursery.

Additionally, it's a good idea to buy him an explicative book like "Harper Collins: I Used to be the Baby." A book that provides explanations and introduces a character going through a similar experience can help him to better deal with the situation.



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