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How do I choose a diaper bag to keep me organized?

It's All In The Bag

Do you feel like every time you leave the house, there are so many bags to carry that you find yourself wishing for a third arm? For a busy mom on-the-go, being prepared doesn't have to mean being weighed-down. Choose a designer diaper bag that can lighten the load and brighten your look.

For a designer diaper bag that will make you look like a super-mom while keeping you super-stylish, check out some of the great options from Kalencom. These hip diaper bags are available in a variety of styles that include coordinated accessories to help simplify traveling with your baby. Some luxuries include a changing pad, removable organizer, insulated bottle tote and even a matching purse for all mom's essentials. In addition to keeping you organized, Kalencom diaper bags come in a range of vibrant colors that are sure to get you noticed without adding an extra limb.

Are there diaper bags designed for the beach?

A Day at the Beach

Summer is finally here and after a long winter, you can't wait to get outside to soak up the rays. It might look easy, but taking a baby to the beach requires a lot of planning. Not only do you have to lug around the usual baby gear, but now you need to pack-up everything for a day of fun in the sun. Between the bathing suit, sunscreen, hats and towels, a diaper bag can fill-up quickly.

Try taking along a Fleurville Beach Bag to help stay organized. This bag is designed specifically for a day at the beach or an afternoon by the pool. It is made from a water-resistant fabric that stands-up to the elements and keeps all your baby's essentials safe and dry. The Fleurville Beach Bag also features mesh pockets for storage and is available in a vibrant, floral pattern that will keep you looking cool, even on the hottest day.

Is there a diaper bag designed for dad?

Diaper Bag for Dad

Most designer diaper bags are geared towards woman, featuring bright colors, pretty bows and feminine accessories. But when dad is toting around the baby, mom's frilly bag just won't cut it. Instead of feeling embarrassed, men can now find diaper bags that are made just for them. Designers have realized the need for more manly styles and have created a number of hip and stylish diaper bags that cater to a man's sense of style.

Diaper Dude is a brand that was born from the idea that being a dad does not have to mean looking un-cool. Offering camouflage fabrics, utility-style messenger bags and “DudepPack” backpacks, a bag from Diaper Dude is anything but girly. Although these diaper bags are designed for men, they are still equipped to store and organize all of baby's necessities. Dad can also get matching accessories, like pacifier pouches and changing stations, so he is ready for anything.

How do I choose a celebrity worthy diaper bag?


We constantly see Celebrity moms and their babies photographed out on the town looking stylish and coordinated. It seems like they have a new stroller and diaper bag in every photo, which just happens to match their outfit. They make traveling with their baby look so easy and glamorous, most moms want whatever it is that they have.

While you might not have to fight off the paparazzi when you're out with your new baby, you can look just as fabulous. Designer diaper bags are not just for the rich and famous. The reality is that celebrities like Jessica Alba and Halle Berry are moms – just like you. They still have to keep snacks on hand and change diapers on–the-go, they just happen to look great doing it. So go ahead and treat yourself. With so many great designer options to choose from, you are sure to find the one that suits both you and your new little super-star.

How do I choose an environmentally-friendly diaper bag?

Fashionably “Green”

Going green has never been more popular, especially when it comes to a new baby. More and more moms are choosing to use cloth diapers, chlorine-free baby wipes and organic cotton blankets, so why stop when choosing a diaper bag? Some might think environmentally-friendly means basic and boring, but you don't need to sacrifice style to be earth-conscience.

A great example is the Ecobaby Tote by Amy Michelle which is made from recycled fabrics and plastics. This designer diaper bag has a black exterior and patterned green lining, revealing a classy look. It looks great as a shoulder bag, but it can also be worn as a backpack, depending on the occasion. In addition to looking great, the Ecobaby Tote also helps you stay organized. It features compartments for all babys needs as well as a separate pocket for mom's essentials. If you want to portray to others that you are going green, the Ecobaby Tote is also available with a world piece logo.

Are there any professional looking diaper bags?

Look Like a Mommy Pro

Being a mom is tough enough, but being a working mom can add even more pressure. You have to meticulously plan your day in order to accommodate your work schedule, personal schedule and sneak in a little quality time with your baby. At the end of the day, it doesn't leave much time to fuss around with multiple bags. To help simplify your day, you need a diaper bag that is versatile enough to handle your busy routine, while keeping you organized.

For a professional-looking diaper bag that can seamlessly go from work to play, check out the selection of bags from Timi and Leslie. Some of the most popular options include satchel, hobo, tote, messenger and doctor style diaper bags that are designed to fit your lifestyle. Available in an array of basic and vibrant colors, any mom can find the right combination to express her own personal taste.

What is a top brand celebrities use?

Fabulous Fashionista

For today's modern mom, a frumpy, clunky or cutesy diaper bag just won't do. Gone are the days of sacrificing your own personal style just because you have become a mom. With so many celebrities having babies, toting your little one around town has never been so fashionable. Many designers have taken note of this trend and are now offering a large selection of designer diaper bags available to the mainstream market.

A go-to brand for many celebrity moms is Storksak. Paparazzi have captured top celebs like Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Rachel Ray, Tori Spelling and Elisabeth Hasselback sporting one of these hot designer bags. Storksak has also been recognized by the Ellen Degeneres Show and The View for offering some of the most desirable styles available. Featuring sleek, sophisticated fashions with multifunctional designs, carrying one of these designer diaper bags will make you look and feel like a star.

What size diaper bag should I get?

Size Matters

We all know babies have a lot of stuff. Between the diapers, pacifiers, bottles, bibs and burp clothes is important to find a diaper bag that can handle the load. Some diaper bags look good on the shelf, but once you start to pack it up, you realize it just won't cut it. Sometimes bigger is better when it comes to choosing a bag that fits all your needs.

If you go with a large diaper bag, you should stay away from anything too clunky or sack-like. These types of bags tend to bulge or sag when they are full. For a durable, yet designer diaper bag that will stand-up to daily use, Caden Lane has an excellent selection. These classic and colorful diaper bags come in a variety of styles, including messenger bags, totes and bowling style bags. Featuring subtle designs with pops of color, these diaper bags will hold everything for baby while helping you look fabulous.

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