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What should I bring to her baby shower?

Baby Shower Gifts That Bring Joy Tip: Baby showers are joyful events. Most involve beautiful decorations, fun games, finger food and a glowing, happy mother. The highlight of many baby showers is when the excited new mom sits down to open all her gifts to a chorus of “oos” and “ahs.” Choose a thoughtful gift as a way to share your excitement and love for the growing family.

Next time you attend a baby shower, enjoy the opportunity to shop for something precious. Baby shower gifts come in all shapes and sizes. An elegant, traditional mom will love receiving a Moses basket to keep her little one tucked away safely. If you'd rather give her a lasting keepsake, try personalized baby shower gifts like monogrammed baby blankets or mommy jewelry.

It's also acceptable to give the new mom necessities. Baby shower gifts can be practical and stylish. It's all about the presentation. Even bibs, burp rags and onesies look gorgeous when carefully folded to resemble extravagant cakes or bouquets of flowers.

What is a smart gift to give at a baby shower?

Protect That Little Guy

You can never be too safe, especially when it comes to babies! Chances are that an expecting mommy will receive countless toys and baby accessories as baby shower gifts. Give a unique gift that could potentially be the most beneficial gift that the future mom receives. Make a safety kit. Buy a basket or container and fill it with things that will help the new parents to protect their new little one. Stumped on what to include? Here are some fantastic ideas:

  • Outlet plugs
  • Cabinet locks
  • Corner covers
  • Disinfectant wipes to clean off pacifiers and toys
  • Instant hand sanitizer to keep by the diaper changing station

These are just a few things that could improve that cute little guy's quality of life, or even save his life!

What kind of baby gift is soothing to a baby?

The Sling of Things

Did you ever notice that many babies tend to be calmer when they are being held close to the body? Sure, it sounds like a nice idea to hold a baby close for long periods of time but who has the time (or the arm strength) to hold a baby in their arms all day? A new mother probably does not (keep that in mind when shopping for that baby shower gift). Look into giving a baby sling as a new baby gift at the shower. Babies like being held so close because they are calmed by the rhythmic movement of breathing. By using a sling, a new mommy can keep the baby close and achieve the same results while keeping her arms free to do other things. Everybody wins and she'll be thanking you later!

What is a plausible way to get a new wardrobe for a new baby?

String Them Along

If one thing's for sure it's that a new baby is going to need a new wardrobe. A baby shower is the perfect place for an expecting mommy to accumulate plenty of new outfits for her new little one. Why not turn her baby shower into a layette party?

To accomplish this you will need lots of clothesline or some sturdy yarn and a whole lot of clothespins. When you send out the invitations, specify that, as her gift, each attendee must bring an outfit for the baby. On the day of the party, string the clothesline around the room. Have all of the invitees show up before the guest of honor and, as they arrive, give them some clothespins. Tell each woman to hang her outfit somewhere on the clothesline. If all goes well, the clothesline will fill up and the room will be filled with an adorable new wardrobe. When the new mommy arrives she will be able to take in all of the new attire at once. And, everyone will be able to admire the gifts thoroughly throughout the event.

*This party will generally work better as a surprise party.

What kind of teething gifts are available?

Give Them Something to Chew

Ouch! Teething can hurt. Ask any baby what those new teeth breaking through the gums feel like and you're likely to get a screaming reply. While a newborn baby has some time before those new pearly whites start emerging, objects to soothe teething will be very useful to a new mother in the near future. Teething objects make very thoughtful and useful baby gifts to give at baby showers. You can always go with the usual teething rings but why not go for a more unique gift? Get that new little one a "Kammi Teething Doll" to help end those teething woes. The Kammi Doll is made of an absorbant terry material to soak up all that sloppy drool and it has multiple knots ties into it that are perfect for teething on.

*For best use, tell the new mommy to dampen the knots and place the doll in the freezer before use.

What is a truly unique baby shower gift?

Help her Make a Mold

The miracle of life is a beautiful thing and so are the changes that the female body undergoes throughout pregnancy. A pregnant belly is a special thing that won't be there forever and definitely something that a new mother will want to remember. While photographs may capture the image of that belly it won't fully capture the essence of it. For your baby shower gift, give the mommy-to-be something to help her remember the experience.

One of the most truly unique gifts to give to an expectant mother is a “ProudBody Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit.” This kit allows the expectant mother to make a mold of her pregnant belly or her entire torso that will enable her to vividly remember the transformation for the rest of her life. The kit comes with all of the necessary casting materials as well a drop cloth to prevent mess, gloves to keep hands clean, and a sanding screen to get the mold smooth. This gift will definitely take anyone by surprise!

Should I give a new baby a comfort object?

Give Something Comforting

A newborn baby will spend the majority of his or her time sleeping and, as we all know, this is about the time when they begin to bond with their comfort object, or "transitional object" as many psychologists call them. While some might think that having one of these objects leads a child to form an unhealthy dependence, studies actually prove the opposite. According to research, bonding with one of these objects makes a child more independent as they can reach for this thing that they have control over when a parent is absent. Additionally, these objects have been proven to help a child adjust to situations that are new.

One of the best baby gifts you can give is something to become his or her comfort object. One great option is "My First Dolly" which is an extremely soft doll manufactured by Gund that even comes with its own baby blanket. Another is an "Ookie Newborn Doll" which is essentially a flannel blanket lined with satin. The Ookie Doll has knotted hands and a knotted head that allow a newborn to grasp it easily. And, a new mother can easily transfer her scent to the blanket by sleeping with it for a night.

How can I help a new mom document her baby's life?

Scrap it up

Having a baby is one of the most beautiful events that can take place in a woman's life and it is important that she documents each and every moment of the event from pregnancy through childhood. If you want to give an expecting mother a special baby gift, throw her a scrapbooking party and invite everyone close to her. Although the scrapbook will not be busting at the seams with photos and mementos at this point, it's a great time to get started.

To begin, send out invitations explaining the event and ask invitees to bring things to decorate the scrapbook (tiny charms, stickers, borders, stencils, etc.). If possible, contact the grandmothers of the new baby and ask for baby photos of the expecting parents (this makes a great first page to a baby scrapbook).

Next, contact the father-to-be (or someone close to the mother) and ask him or her to bring any sonogram images they can find to put in the book. On the day of the party, have everyone work together to come up with the layout for a fantastic scrapbook. Using a book with detachable pages works best so everyone can work on a page. Some key pages to include are:

  • Birth page with place for certificate and hand and feet prints
  • Growth chart page
  • First doctor visit
  • First hair cut
  • First tooth
  • First steps
  • First words
  • General likes and dislikes page
  • First day of school
  • PLENTY of picture pages

Get creative with the project and make sure that you make pages for all major events and leave space for pages that you may forget.

What is a kind of functional baby gift that I can give?

A Rockin' Baby Gift

One of the best ways to calm a crying baby is by rocking it. Most babies are calmed by movement and will soothed by a rocking motion. For these reasons a rocking chair will make a useful baby gift to give at a baby shower. Aside from functionality, rocking chairs are timeless and, even when the baby is grown, are still likely to be kept around as reminders of childhood (or to rock new babies in). If you're sold on the idea of giving a rocking chair as a gift but want to make that chair extra special, have it personalized with the baby's name. And, if you really want to complete the gift, include a book of lullabies for the mother to sing to her child while rocking it to sleep. Also include a small pillow and a throw blanket to make the chair extra comfy.

What gifts should I avoid giving at a baby shower?

What Not To Give

There are plenty of tips out there for how to choose the best baby gifts, but let's talk about the gifts you should avoid giving. When a woman is pregnant for the first time, it is like an emotional roller coaster. She is very nervous and sensitive, so you want to be as supportive as possible. While you might think that “how to” or “parenting tips” books will be helpful, she could be completely insulted. She might think you do not have confidence in her as a new parent.

In addition to being emotional, pregnant woman are also very sensitive about their weight. Don't get her anything that has to do with weight-loss, like post partum workout videos or stretch mark creams. This will just make her feel even more self conscience.

Also, avoid anything that might embarrass her. Don't give her any breast feeding accessories, like nursing bras or breast pads. Even if you know she will be breastfeeding, these gifts can be uncomfortable to open in front of others.

What should I send to the hospital if flowers are banned?

A Gift Basket in Disguise

If you are thinking of sending flowers to celebrate the birth of a new baby, you might want to reconsider. Many hospitals have banned flowers in patient's rooms due to potential health risks. If this is the case, there are some creative baby gift ideas that are just as thoughtful.

An inventive idea is to give a gift basket that takes traditional baby gifts and disguises them as something else. For example, you can get a baby bouquet that features onesies, bibs, burp cloths and other baby essentials rolled-up to mimic roses. You can also send a gift basket that includes baby items folded and arranged to resemble a pizza. For a friend with a sweet tooth, you can send a box of onesies that look like cupcakes or a vase full of onesies wrapped up as lollipops.

In addition to being more inventive, these gifts are more practical since they include items the baby will actually use.

How do I make my gift fun to open?

Keep it Interesting

Everyone knows that if you plan on attending a baby shower, you need to be prepared to ooh and aah as the mom-to-be opens gift after gift. When you are choosing the baby gift you will give, think about how you can make it fun for the mom-to-be to open - and for the guest to watch.

If you buy one expensive item, the excitement last for about one second and then it is on to the next gift. If you buy too many little gifts, it can take forever for each one to be opened. To leave the best impression, try combining one big item with a few smaller items.

It is helpful if the items relate to one another so the gift is cohesive. There are a number of gift combinations that will work well together. You can buy a diaper bag and include some on-the-go baby essentials or maybe a crib set with some matching nursery accessories. Whatever combo you choose, just remember to keep it interesting.

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