What Not To Give

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What gifts should I avoid giving at a baby shower?

What Not To Give

There are plenty of tips out there for how to choose the best baby gifts, but let's talk about the gifts you should avoid giving. When a woman is pregnant for the first time, it is like an emotional roller coaster. She is very nervous and sensitive, so you want to be as supportive as possible. While you might think that “how to” or “parenting tips” books will be helpful, she could be completely insulted. She might think you do not have confidence in her as a new parent.

In addition to being emotional, pregnant woman are also very sensitive about their weight. Don't get her anything that has to do with weight-loss, like post partum workout videos or stretch mark creams. This will just make her feel even more self conscience.

Also, avoid anything that might embarrass her. Don't give her any breast feeding accessories, like nursing bras or breast pads. Even if you know she will be breastfeeding, these gifts can be uncomfortable to open in front of others.



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