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Useful Gifts

The best gifts to give to a future mom on her babyshower are the ones she has requested on the baby registry. These are what she needs and what she will use the most.

However, if you want to make a gift of your own, the best things to get for all new parents are the things they will use the most. Those would be items such as diapers, wipes, bibs, onsies, socks etc... So a great gift that would be useful is a big basket full of a few or all of these things. Make it a full months supply, at least, so that the new mom will be covered for a while.

Should I get dad a baby shower gift?

A Gift for Daddy

Who says that baby shower gifts have to be just for the moms and babies? Raising a baby is a joint effort so why not get something to help the future daddy along the way too? How about giving him the "Survival Handbook for Dads." This is a great manual on just about anything pertaining to fatherhood. It is even divided into easy-to-find sections so everything can be located quickly. Want to go for something with a little more depth? Try getting him "101 Secrets a Good Dad Knows." This book goes beyond simple how to's and delves into things that a father can teach a child that will improve self reliance and boost self confidence. Just a few of the things covered in this book include:

  • How to identify icky things under a rock
  • How to bait a hook
  • How to tell how tall a tree is
  • How to take pictures of lightning

Is a baby shower gift basket a good gift?

Give a Pre-Baby Gift

Have you been taking in all the tips about baby shower gifts that you can find but are still having trouble deciding on just one? You don't have to. Baby shower gift baskets are a great way to give multiple gifts in one. Instead of providing the mom-to be with a bunch of goodies for her baby, however, try providing her with a basket of things to help get the baby there. A "Birth & Beyond Delivery Kit" is filled with items that will make the delivery experience a lot more comfortable for the future mommy. It includes the following:

  • A comfy 100% cotton nightgown equipped for easy breastfeeding
  • Portable shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion
  • Soothing nipple cream
  • Lip balm
  • Headband
  • No-slip socks
  • Hospital checklist that lists items that the new mommy make overlook
  • New baby list

How should I wrap my baby shower gift?

Get Wrapping

You've found the perfect baby shower gift that the new mommy is going to adore. Now the only problem is deciding how to wrap the thing. Believe it or not there are many more options than baby boy blue and baby girl pink. In fact, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few ideas:

  • Go quackers with duck printed wrapping paper and attach a big yellow bow and a rubber ducky.
  • If you like teddy bears wrap your goody in teddy paper and attach a teddy bear or teething ring with teddy bears on it.
  • If flowers are your bag then get, well, a flower-print bag. Attach a big bow and a tiny bumblebee toy if you want to get really cute.

As you can see, the options are limitless so get creative!

What's a good baby shower gift for a little boy?

Sports Gift

We all know one--that glowing dad who has been holding his breath for a son since he found out his wife was pregnant. There's a special bond between father and son, one that leads to things like camping, fishing, and, of course, SPORTS. Yes, yes, every daddy wants his son to be a future sports superstar. Why not help give the little bundle of joy a head start? Make a sports-themed gift basket as a baby shower gift. Fill the basket with things like:

  • Soft sports balls
  • Sports-themed clothing
  • Sports-themed mobile
  • Sports-themed wall decoration (personalizing it will make it extra special)
  • Soft rattles shaped like assorted sports balls

Tie a big blue bow to the handle of the basket and attach a tiny, plastic sports ball decoration and you're ready to go!

Should I get a personalized baby shower gift?

Get Personal

One of the best tips about baby shower gifts is to make sure that you purchase something that the new baby and mother combo will find useful, enjoyable, or both. If you're looking for something really special why not get personal? Buy the new little one something that is personalized with his or her name. This is the type of gift that is likely to be kept for years to come. Stuck on ideas? Try these suggestions:

  • Personalized name plate
  • Personalized wall decoration
  • Personalized chair or foot stool
  • Wall art personalized with the child's initials

Putting the child's name or initials on a gift makes it uniquely theirs. The effort you put into selecting personalized baby gifts will be immensely obvious so go ahead and let them know how special they are.

Do books make good baby shower gifts?

Books Make Great Baby Gifts

Do you recall the reading time you enjoyed when you were a child? I bet you can still remember the lines to some of your favorite books. A collection of all the ones that were dearest to your heart is a wonderfully thoughtful baby shower gift. Studies prove that reading to children plays an essential role in their development. Help the mother-to-be build a library for her new little one. It's a great idea to select books that concentrate on patterns having to do with rhyme schemes, letters, or numbers or ones with large, vibrant pictures.

Do memory books make good baby shower gifts?

Help the New Parents Make Memories

Have you been looking for weeks for that perfect baby shower gift idea? Maybe you're thinking along the wrong lines. Forget the stereotypical rattles, bottles, and booties and come up with something a little more personal. Those early years go by so fast and it's important for parents to do all that they can to document them. Give the mom-to-be a memory book to help her record all of those precious memories. These books make it easy for parents to organize and preserve every milestone of their little one's life. All of the pages in the book are reserved. Some of the things that the decorative pages document include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Doctor Visits
  • Dental Chart
  • Baby Firsts
  • Growth Chart
  • Tons of Picture Pages

What are some good bath time baby shower gifts?

Bathtime Goodies

Bathtime is an essential part of every new parent's routine so keep that in mind when brainstorming for a baby shower gift idea. That little baby is going to need to get squeaky clean on a frequent basis so why not provide the mom-to-be with some bath gifts that can help improve the bathing experience. Let's face it, babies like to be entertained so why not pick up some adorable bath puppets that can double as scrubbing tools? Another fun form of bath amusement is baubble bath (try ordering some with a soothing lavender scent). And, when that cute little bundle of joy gets out of the suds, make sure that you provide him or her with sweet little hooded towel (that you can find in an assortment of animal designs) and great smelling lotions to keep that skin smooth as a baby's bottom!

What are some baby shower wrapping paper ideas?

Creative Baby Shower Gift Wrap Ideas

When you are giving a gift at a baby shower, you could spend $5.00 for a roll of wrapping paper with ducks or baby blocks on it. However, an idea that is more fun is to get creative on your gift wrapping.

One idea that is especially appreciated by new moms is to wrap the baby gift in a small receiving blanket or burp cloth. These are two items that are used all the time, so you are in essence giving a bonus gift that costs no more than the wrapping paper would have.

If you are trying to save money, consider using blank newsprint or butcher paper that you decorate yourself using paint, marker or other materials. Children will love to help you create special wrapping paper in this manner.

No matter how you do it, getting creative with your baby shower gift wrap is a lot of fun!

What are some unique sports gifts?

A Hole in One

Do you know someone who is almost as passionate about sports as they are about the birth of their new child? If so, there are some great sports gifts available to help celebrate the occasion. Giving flowers is nice, but if you are looking for a more creative way to congratulate an avid golf fan, baby golf clubs are an adorable option. This unique gift makes a great keepsake and can actually be used on the course when the little one is ready to take his first swing.

These baby golf clubs can be personalized with the name, date of birth, length and weight of the child you are buying it for. Each club is made-to-order and is custom built to the same size as the baby's birth length, which makes it even more sentimental. The new parents will cherish this gift as a permanent reminder of how little their baby once was.

Should I get a gift for Grandma?

A Gift For Grandma

A baby shower is all about the mom-to-be, but that doesn't mean she is the only one celebrating the birth of a new child. Grandma is just as excited about welcoming a new generation into the world, so why not surprise her with a thoughtful gift? Since she won't be expecting anything, recognizing her with a gift will make her feel extra special.

If you are not sure what to get her, a photo album is always a good idea. It's a well know fact that Grandma will be toting around pictures of the new baby, so give her a brag book for her favorites. She will love how easy it is to insert the pictures and grab on-the-go. It is small enough to keep it in her purse so she will be ready to show-off her new grandchild at any moment. If you are looking for a brag book with a little flair, Rag & Bone offers some unique patterns and designs.

What should I get an expecting co-worker?

Corporate Baby Gift

If you know a co-worker or client who is expecting, it's always considered a courtesy to give a gift. It can't hurt to stay on her good side, especially if you interact with her on a daily basis. Not only will she appreciate the gesture, but it will help to further your professional relationship.

A baby gift basket is a smart, convenient way to show you are thinking of her. When choosing which one is best suited for the expecting mom, it would help if you know the sex of the baby. Most baby gift baskets feature an overall theme and include a nice selection of coordinated baby items. Themes range from a simple “It's a Boy!” to “Sports Star” or “Baby Girl Spa.” The best part of this gift is that it arrives gift wrapped - all you have to do is pick one out and send it.

What's a good baby shower present for a halloween baby?

Baby Dress-up

Is your friend or relative's little one due around Halloween? If so, there's a world of fantastic possibilities available when it comes to choosing baby shower gifts! Nothing pulls at the heartstrings more than a baby dressed up like a bumblebee or a pumpkin. Let's face it tiny Halloween costumes are adorable. Just a few of the most irresistible outfits available include:

  • A bunch of grapes
  • A dragonfly
  • A monkey
  • A frog
  • A turtle
  • A cowboy
  • A princess

Instead of wrapping the costume in gift wrap or a gift bag, roll it up in black tissue paper and place it in one of those plastic pumpkins designed for trick-or-treating. Your gift will be the hit of the shower and you can bet that some day soon you'll be receiving pictures of the new baby all dressed up.

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