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How can I help my older child be more comfortable with becoming a big sister?

Play House

Becoming a big sister can be a bittersweet experience for some little girls. While she is excited to have a new baby in the house, sharing your affection can be difficult to accept. You will be spending most of your time caring for the baby, which can be big shock to a child that is used to having your undivided attention.

To prevent her from feeling left out, you can give her a gift that will get her involved in caring for the baby. A new doll with furniture and accessories is a great idea to help her bond with her new sibling and make her feel like part of the experience. The DollKraft collection by KidKraft includes everything a girl needs to become a new mom to her doll. The collection included a highchair, a cradle and a variety of strollers. Now you can make your everyday routine a game by having her mimic you and the baby.

What can I do to make my older child feel special?

Throw a Party!

After you have a new baby, it can be a tough adjustment for an older sibling. All of a sudden, they have gone from being the center of attention to sharing the spotlight with their new little brother or sister. They have probably noticed everyone doting on the new arrival, so it is important to make sure they do not feel slighted.

A great way to help with the transition is to throw them a “big brother” or “big sister” party to celebrate their new role. Go all out with decorations, cake, party favors and games to show them that they are just as special as the new baby. Not only will they love the party, but they will love the extra attention. Make it even more special by present the guest of honor with a gift from their new sibling. Guidecraft has some great gift ideas for a boy or girl.

What is the purpose of a sibling gift?

Honor the Big Brother or Sister

If a new baby is not the parents' first, there's a good chance that existing siblings might have a little trouble with the transition. When a new baby arrives, other children might feel jealous and less important and adjusting to having a new baby brother or sister can be tough. If you're shopping for presents for a new baby, it's a great gesture to pick up sibling gifts.

By giving siblings a gift as well, you can help reiterate the fact that they are special too and that the arrival of a new baby will not take all of the attention away from them. Receiving gifts will help them to see the positives in the event rather than trying to find negatives. When you present them with a gift, make it clear that it is a congratulatory gift for becoming a big sister or brother. Let them know that it is an important job and that it is a big honor.

How can I help a new big sister feel important?

Help her Understand

It's easy for a your existing child to feel anxious and jealous about a new baby's arrival, especially if she was an only child up until this point. It might be difficult to help a future big sister to understand that she will not be surrendering all of her parents' attention to a new child but will be sharing it instead. Try giving her one of the best big sister gifts around, a sense of understanding.

Do some research and buy a collection of child videos that include the introduction of a new sibling in the plot. Additionally, buy a bunch of story books with similar plot lines at your local book store. Put all of these items in a gift basket and present them to the new big sis. After reading the stories and watching the videos together, the expectant mommy can sit down with her little girl and discuss the evnt further. At this point, it is likely that she will have a better idea of what having a little brother or sister entails.

How can I help a new big brother feel important?

Help him Relate

If that expecting mommy has a little boy at home, include him in your gift giving efforts. It's a really sweet gesture to include some big brother gifts with your baby shower gifts so that the new big brother won't feel left out. Looking for some good ideas? Help the little guy see what an important person he will be in the new baby's life by getting him a "Me and My Big Brother" picture frame.

Explain to him that he is going to be a super important person in the baby's life and that the baby will look up to him. Also tell him that when the baby is old enough, mommy or daddy can take a picture of the two of them together and put it in the frame to place in the nursery.

Additionally, it's a good idea to buy him an explicative book like "Harper Collins: I Used to be the Baby." A book that provides explanations and introduces a character going through a similar experience can help him to better deal with the situation.

What is something special that I can do for a new older sibling?

Older Siblings Need Extra Attention

With all of the chaos involved with preparing for a new baby, it's normal and natural for an existing child to feel neglected. If you can't decide on a sibling new baby gift to give that new big brother or big sister in the make, do something extra special. Plan a special little party just for that sibling. Make special "big brother" or "big sister" banners and make a special hat or crown for the guest of honor.

Invite close friends and family members and stress the fact that throughout the party all attention is to be focused on that special big bro or sis. Make sure that they know that being an older sibling is an important job and that they are going to have many new responsibilities. You'll have him or her forgetting about jealousy and bragging about the new honor instead.

How can I help an existing child adapt to a new baby?

Help Them Brag

Getting a new baby brother or sisiter can be a hard transitional period for a child to go through. It's a thoughtful idea to buy a special older sibling gift for that big sis or bro to help him or her through the event. The best kinds of gifts to give are ones that stress the importance and honor involved in becoming an older sibling.

Let the existing child know that this is something to brag about. Buy him or her a blank t-shirt and have it personalized with the phrase "big sister" or "big brother" on it. Tell them that this extra special shirt will help them let the world know what a big important job they are about to have.

How can I help my older child be more comfortable with becoming a big brother?

Make Room for Baby

Getting ready to welcome a new baby can be time consuming. Even if you already have a child, having another baby can turn your world upside down. Sometimes you get so caught-up in the preparations that your older child can get lost in the shuffle. To help prevent this from happening, make sure to spend some quality time with your child before the baby arrives.

A great idea is to give your child's room a “big boy” makeover. By treating him like a big boy, you will have a great bonding experience, while helping him become more comfortable with being a big brother. Get him involved with picking out a new wall color, decorations and furniture. If you are looking for fun ways to spice-up the new room, you should check out some great options from Haba. They have a wonderful selection of whimsical rugs, chairs, shelves and more.

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