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What kind of footwear should I buy a new baby?

Cover Those Tiny Tootsies

There are so many different kinds of baby clothes out there! How do you decide which item to buy for that special baby shower gift? Why not start from the bottom! Tiny babies are fragile and so are their little tootsies so why not get some footwear for that sweet little infant. Something to remember about this point in a baby's life is that stimulation has been proven to help development. Now is the time when baby should be using his or her visual and auditory senses.

Try getting some adorable slip on baby shoes with squeakers in them. Baby can experience the exciting squeaks everytime those little feet touch something (or mommy and daddy squeeze them). If you want to go the visual route, buy mommy and daddy's new little princess some beautifully colored "Her Royal Highness Sock Booties." These sweet little booties are soft and colorful and they resemble tiny Mary Janes worn over vividly colored socks. There are countless footwear options available that would make great baby shower gifts, just make sure your choice stands out.

Are any clothes dangerous to babies?

Safety Before Fashion

Here's a word to the wise: Before you you buy all those frilly, fancy baby clothes to give as a gift at the next baby shower that you attend, think about the safety of that baby before the trendiness of the clothes. Clothes adorned with attachments like clasps, buttons, lace, ties, beads, etc. are a potential risk to a new baby. If any of these things fall off they can become choking hazards. It's also not a good idea to buy clothing that is made of materials that may be scratchy against a baby's delicate skin.

Stick to soft materials that will be comfortable. And, try to refrain from outfits that have attachments that could hinder everyday activities (big buckles on the front that could make crawling or sleeping on her stomach uncomfortable, dangling pieces that could get tangled on teeny hands or feet, etc.). Remember, you can keep that little one looking cute while still keeping safety in mind.

What kind of pajamas should I buy for a new baby?

Think Simple

If you're dead set on buying pajamas as your baby shower gift, make sure that you get some that are practical. The first thing you should do is make sure that the material that the pajamas are made out of is flame retardant (it may sound extreme but it's far better to be safe than sorry).

The second thing to do is to buy smart. Sure, those adorable pajamas with buttons and snaps from neck to toe may look as cute as the buttons all over them but they're sure to be a nightmare for those new parents when they're trying to change that baby in the middle of the night.

It's a good idea to select pajamas with as few snaps and buttons as possible or maybe even a zipper. And, it's also a great idea to buy two piece pajamas that make for easy bottom changes without having to redress the whole baby.

What if I can't decide on one baby clothing item?

Give the Whole Kit and Kaboodle

If you're having a tough time deciding exactly what type of clothing item to give as a baby shower gift, why not give them all? Instead of giving the mommy-to-be some adorable onesies, a couple pairs of leggings, or some tiny tees, why not get her a few complete outfits? Browse online to find some cool baby clothes in trendy prints that are sold in sets. Look for outfits that come with every piece included. Here are some options:

  • A romper set that comes with a matching romper, under shirt, and shoes
  • A pant set that comes with a chocolate colored shirt and a pink pant with a chocolate toile print
  • An adorable four piece set that comes with a patterned onesie, a waffle sweater, elastic waist pants, and a matching beanie

When you can't decide on just one clothing item, give the whole set!

What kind of gift can I buy to keep a baby's feet warm?

Keep Those Piggies Toasty

It's important to keep all ten of a new baby's little piggies warm and toasty. It can be quite a job, however, as those little guys are constantly squirming. If you decide to buy that new baby some socks, get some with really god elasticity.

Of course, even socks with the best elasticity are likely to slide off throughout the course of daily activities. If you want to get some tootsie warmers that are guaranteed to stay put, look into some one piece outfits with footies attached.

What kind of winter baby clothes should I buy?

Keep Baby Warm

Is nature's newest miracle going to be a winter baby? If your gal pal's baby is due during the cold months then choosing the perfect baby clothing to give as a gift at the baby shower is a snap. Buy that sweet little baby something to bundle up in when he or she is being carted home from the hospital. Still looking for a place to start?

As your mom probably told you, keeping your head warm when it's freezing out is essential--this is especially true for babies. Buy that little guy or girl a cute little knit cap to keep all of that heat from escaping. And, while you're at it, get those adorable mittens that match. It's also a good idea to include a warm baby blanket as well to cover up the rest of that tiny thing.

What kind of clothes do I buy if the gender is undetermined?

No Pinks or Blues

So, you received an invitation to a baby shower and you're anxious to get your hands on some adorable outfits to give as your present. However, the sex has of the baby has not been determined and you're confused as to what to buy. You're leaning towards that ridiculously frilly pink jumper or that baby blue overall set with trains on it but you know that purchasing either of these would be a gamble.

Are buying clothes out of the question? Don't be silly, you just have to buy smart. If the baby's gender is still a surprise, one of the best tips on baby clothes that you can get is to buy clothes that are neutral colors---so stay away from the blue and pink. Your best color options are yellows, greens, oranges, reds, grays, etc. (anything that isn't gender specific).

What kind of coat can I get a baby girl?

Dress Her to Impress

While it's doubtful that an infant will be on the guest list to any big formal events in the near future, you might as well give her some fashion practice for future events (who knows, she might end up on the red carpet someday). For now, however, let's settle for getting her "oohs" and "ahhs" at family gatherings and holiday events. Now, we all know that one of the biggest pieces to any winter ensemble puzzle is the outerwear. And, just because the one donning the outfit is, well, still in diapers, doesn't mean she can't look like a million bucks. If you're looking for tips on baby clothes purchasing for a baby shower gift, look no further. Get your friend or relative's little bun a sophisticated and glamorous winter coat. Some great suggestions include:

  • Pink faux Fur coat
  • Leopard-print faux fur coat
  • Winter white faux fur coat with leopard print lining

What do I get for a baby girl?

All the Frills!

One of the best parts of having a little baby girl is to dress her up like that beautiful little princess that everyone knows that she is. Baby girl clothes today are so much fun and there are so many options that you'll never run out of fresh new looks. If you're looking for a baby shower gift for a mother who is expecting a precious little girl, let the fun begin! Need a little guidance and some tips on baby clothes for little girls? Try these on for size:

  • Get that ballerina an adorable onesie that reads “TuTu Too Cute” paired with a tiny tutu diaper cover
  • Turn her into a cowgirl by getting her an irresistible corduroy cowgirl dress paired with stockings
  • Let her be a little sassy by buying her an adorable leopard trimmed dress paired with footed leopard print leggings
  • Get that sporty little future athlete a pink running suit The possibilities are limitless so get that future fashion goddess on the right track at an early age!

What do I get for a baby boy?

Sweet Little Boy Clothes

While they may not be made of "sugar and spice and everything nice" those cute little baby boys sure look sweet to me. If you're going to a baby shower to honor a new baby boy that's on the way, get ready to have some fun while shopping. Little boy fashions have come a long way from simple baby blue patterns and baby boy clothing has never been so fashionable. Want to provide him with the duds to dress to impress? Check out these ideas:

  • Make him a rootin' tootin' cowboy in a corduroy overalls and striped shirt combo.
  • Get him ready for GQ by putting him in a sweater vest and denim set with a sophisticated collared shirt underneath.
  • Let him be all boy in a tiny dino-themed shorts, tank, and hat set.
  • Let him sit next to daddy on the couch wearing his first set of boxers, sports-themed, of course!

What types of luxury clothes and blankets should I give as a gift?

Wrap of Luxury

A blanket makes a great baby shower gift, but with so many baby blankets to choose from, it can be difficult to find one that really stands out. It is no secret that every expecting mom wants what is best for their new little prince or princess, so what could be better than a baby blanket that will treat him/her like royalty? For a truly luxurious gift, give a blanket that is made from faux fur. The elegant fabric is stunning and mimics the look of a mink stole. Mom will love using this blanket for any occasion, especially when showing off her new bundle of joy to family and friends.

You can pair this gift with matching faux fur accessories, such as a hat and booties, to give baby a very stylish ensemble. This combo is perfect for winter-born babies who will need to stay extra warm.

What are some creative baby clothes gift ideas?

Bling Bling

Do you want to give baby clothes as a shower gift, but are worried that your gift won't leave a lasting impression? It seems like unless you make a hand knitted sweater or embroidered onesie, clothes are just not a very memorable gift. Well, if you can't knit or sew, you can purchase personalized baby clothes that will definitely make a statement.

For fashionable onesies, Bling Designs lets you spell out a word or phrase of your choice using beautiful crystal studs. The new baby will shine when wearing this awesome gift, which you designed specifically for her. Another option is to give monogrammed clothing. Princess Linens offers old-fashioned dresses and rompers that include the baby's initials across the breast. Featuring classic styles and colors, these monogrammed clothing options will certainly be a treasured item. Whether you decide to go with the bling or the old-fashioned look, your gift will be one-of-a-kind.

What should I consider when buying baby clothes?

Stay in Season

When shopping for baby clothes as a shower gift, it's easy to go overboard. All those little outfits are so cute, it can be hard to choose just a few. Babies grow so fast that sometimes they out-grow a size before they get a chance to wear all the clothes. To avoid having your gifts end-up in the closet with the tags still on, it would make sense to buy the right size for the right season.

Baby clothes are sized by age, but children grow at different rates. To be safe, consider what the child's age will be for a particular season and buy the next size-up. For example, if a baby is due in April the sizes should be as follows:

Newborn – Spring

0-3 months – Spring/Summer

3-6 months – Summer

6-9 months – Fall

9 months – Fall/Winter

12 months – Winter

18 Months – Spring

Just adjust this chart to the due date of the baby you are buying for and your gift is more likely to make the cut.

What kind of fancy dress can I get for a baby girl?

Dress her up in the Best

There are occassions when we all need to put on our Sunday best, no matter how old we are. If you're looking for the perfect baby girl clothes to give as a baby shower gift, think outside of the box. You can bet that the new mommy is going to get more daily wear clothes to put on her little one than she knows what to do with. Why not get her something extra special.

Put down the jumpers, overalls, onesies, and pants sets and buy something fantastic for that new little girl. Whether it's for going to church, holiday events, special occassions, or taking portraits, there's going to come a day when the little sweetheart is going to need to look extra nice. Get her a fancy little dress to wear. How about a short sleeved pink knit dress by Victoria Kidds or a beautiful sage-colored silk dress, also by Victoria Kidds? Another great option is an elegant pink silk dress with shoulder straps, a satin trim, and matching bloomers by Jackie.

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