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Chocolate Themed Babyshower

If the future mommy is a chocoholic, you could center the Babyshower around a chocolate theme. Get the napkins, tablecloths, balloons, plates, plastic silverware etc. in a chocolate brown color.

Next, get all kinds of baby related items in chocolate, such as toys or rubber duckies to place all around the room and the table. Sprinkle chocolate chips around each place setting for the guests to eat at will.

For dessert get a big chocolate cake decorated for the shower and melt some chocolate in a bowl for dipping fruits.

Make a big gift basket full of chocolate items and other useful gifts for the mom-to-be. You could also include chocolate scented lotions and soaps so she can pamper herself in all chocolateness.

As a detail, you could also place chocolate pacifiers as part of the guests' party favors. All these items can be found at specialty chocolate stores or online by searching on Google or other search engine sites.

When you send out the invitations mention that the shower has a chocolate theme and give the guests an option to bring anything chocolate that they would like. Chocolate related baby items, such as clothing with chocolate themes or colors are also a good idea.

Make the mommy-to be's shower a great event where she can have her fill of a favorite treat and enjoy it to the fullest!


Baby Shower in a Box

Throwing a baby shower for your expecting friend or family member is a great way to show how important she and her baby are to you. But what if your friend is miles away and neither of you can visit the other often? Does she have several friends or family members in your area?

The solution to this problem is to give your friend a baby shower in a box. You can apply any baby shower theme to the box idea and have several friends pitch in for gifts to send in the package. Ideally, though, you'll want small items that can easily be packaged without costing a fortune in shipping fees. A few things you can send along include pacifiers, baby rattles, clothes, music cds, and gift certificates. Don't forget to include your own baby tips, cards, letters, and pictures of everyone who contributed to make it extra special!


Bedtime Baby Shower Theme

A bedtime baby shower will provide a Mom-to-be with everything she needs to tuck her little one in at night. Set the mood by playing lullabies as background music. For decorations, use stacks of blankets tied with ribbons, stuffed animals, baby pillows, and storybooks. Construct clouds, stars, and a moon to put on the walls (or better yet, hang them from the ceiling). Hang a mobile over the gift table.

Baby gift possibilities for this theme are endless! Pajamas, lullabies, story books, pillows, blankets, and bathtime products that soothe are all good choices. Party favors for guests in attendance can include sleeping masks, soothing music, or scents like lavender made for relaxation.

Ask guests to give the Mom-to-be tips on getting her baby to sleep or how to deal with lack of sleep. As a special gift to the baby from all in attendance, pass a piece of paper around and ask each guest to contribute a storyline written especially for the baby. Have the story printed into a book. This can be done on many self-publishing sites like

What are a few ideas for a pea in the pod themed baby shower?

Pea in the Pod Baby Shower Theme

A pea in the pod themed baby shower is a great unisex baby shower idea, especially for moms expecting multiples! Pea pod themed decorations and readily available at most party stores or in printable packs off the internet.

For food, consider pea salad, green grapes, and any other type of green food. Cupcakes with frosting pea pods are also acceptable and completely adorable! For games, find out who can "stuff" as many peas (bean bags) into a pod (foam tube or pool tube).

If the mom-to-be knows the sex of the baby or babies, feel free to add pink and blue accents scattered throughout the pea-themed decorations and food.

How do I throw a cowboy or cowgirl themed baby shower?

Cowboy/Cowgirl Themed Baby Shower

Ready to give your little buckaroo a great welcome to the world? Consider a Cowboy/Cowgirl themed baby shower!

For food, consider serving cowboy boot, horse, or horseshoe shaped cookies with pink or blue frosting.

For decoration, use lots of bandana prints (tablecloths, garland, ribbon on a diaper cake, etc.) Wrangler brand diaper covers also make a charming decoration addition (and gift for the mom to be) to any Cowboy/Cowgirl themed baby shower. If the sex of the child is not known ahead of time, stick to greens and browns for a great gender-neutral western style.

Next, choose games that fit the western theme. Traditional baby shower games can easily be turned into a Cowboy/Cowgirl theme with a little bit of creative thinking.

What type of bedding should I choose for my nursery?

Make the Nursery Feel Like Home

Decorate your nursery similar to the other rooms in your house. If your home is contemporary, your nursery should be as well. If you generally lean towards more classical décor, carry that look into the nursery. Keeping the design style consistent from room-to-room makes your entire home seem more coordinated. If you are finding it difficult to insert your style into the nursery, start with the crib bedding. Just like in your own bedroom, the bedding is what sets the tone for the look and feel of the nursery. Once you decide on the bedding, the rest should be a breeze.

For an elegant look, no matter what your style, choose high-end bedding that is made from top-of-the-line materials. Most quality bedding is made from 350 thread count Egyptian cotton, making it super-soft to the touch. Not only does it look more sophisticated, but it feels nicer as well. For high-end bedding that will suit any design theme, Serena and Lily Bedding has some great options. Some sets even include hand embroidered details for a truly authentic look.

What should I consider when choosing a Moses basket?

Stray from the Gift Registry

Choosing a baby shower gift can be fun, but what fun is it if the mom-to-be already knows what she is getting? Moses baskets make a great baby gift if you are looking to surprise her with an unexpected gift. Usually she doesn't even realize she needs one, so it is often left off a gift registry. Once the baby comes, she will be so grateful you thought of it.

Here are a few tips for choosing a Moses basket:

  • Choose a basket with a sturdy wicker structure. If the wicker is too flimsy, the basket might start to cave into the middle.
  • Make sure the basket handles meet in the middle. This will allow mom to carry the basket with one hand if needed.
  • Check the mattress to ensure it is firm and made from hypoallergenic material. A newborns skin is super-sensitive, so you don't want the mattress to irritate it.
  • Select sheets and bedding that will coordinate with the baby's nursery. Buy a few extra sheets so there is always a clean one available.
  • Decide if you would like to purchase any accessories. Some options include a bed skirt, bumper and basket stand.

How do I choose a baby shower theme?

Keep it Simple

Throwing a baby shower is a big responsibility. Your loved one is expecting a day to remember, so there is a lot of pressure to deliver a great party. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, but the key is to choose a theme that you know you can execute well. Keep it simple, so you don't end up with a big idea that falls flat because you can't deliver.

If you know the sex of the baby, you can choose a theme that is gender appropriate. This will make the party seem more personal. Choose one main color for decorations, probably pink or blue, and one accent color so you know everything will match. Also, make sure your invitations are designed to inform guest of both the gender and the theme so they know what to expect. This will give guests a heads-up should they want to give baby girl or baby boy gifts that suit the theme.

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