Bedtime Baby Shower Theme

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Bedtime Baby Shower Theme

A bedtime baby shower will provide a Mom-to-be with everything she needs to tuck her little one in at night. Set the mood by playing lullabies as background music. For decorations, use stacks of blankets tied with ribbons, stuffed animals, baby pillows, and storybooks. Construct clouds, stars, and a moon to put on the walls (or better yet, hang them from the ceiling). Hang a mobile over the gift table.

Baby gift possibilities for this theme are endless! Pajamas, lullabies, story books, pillows, blankets, and bathtime products that soothe are all good choices. Party favors for guests in attendance can include sleeping masks, soothing music, or scents like lavender made for relaxation.

Ask guests to give the Mom-to-be tips on getting her baby to sleep or how to deal with lack of sleep. As a special gift to the baby from all in attendance, pass a piece of paper around and ask each guest to contribute a storyline written especially for the baby. Have the story printed into a book. This can be done on many self-publishing sites like



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