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A Wine Gift Basket for Mom

If the mom-to-be is a wine enthusiast, or just likes a glass of wine with dinner, a great gift for her would be a nicely crafted wine basket.

Let's face it, the mommy-to-be had had to forego any wine for a whole 9 months, if she enjoys a glass every so often, she will love to have one after the baby is born. How easy it would be if she had a nice bottle on hand so she can enjoy a glass with some crackers without having to go to the store. She'll be home for a couple of weeks recuperating and won't be able to go shopping, or anywhere else for that matter, plus she will be very busy with the newborn.

You can make a wine gift basket yourself by getting 2 or 3 nice bottles of good wine and placing them in a pretty basket together with some cheese, crackers and chocolate.

Or if you prefer the easy way, you can get a prepared basket from any store that sells wines and liquors. Place a nice card with it and offer to come by and share a glass to celebrate the cute new addition she has brought into the world!


Movies on DVD as Gifts for a New Mom

For the first few weeks the new mother to be will be spending lots of time at home. Although her time may be limited and she'll be busy caring for the little one, she will need a few moments to relax and recoup.

A great gift idea for the new mom is a few good movies on DVD, get 2 or 3 good films of her favorite genre and pack them up nicely in a basket along with some candy and popcorn.

Offer to come by and watch a movie or two with her and if he baby cries or needs attention let her sit while you go tend to him and give the new mommy a well deserved break.

How can I help mom connect with baby

Help Her Connect with Baby

Some expecting moms can get so caught-up in preparing her home, car and lifestyle for a new baby, they can forget to prepare emotionally. Since the baby is not here yet, it can be easy to overlook that they will soon be giving birth to an actual person. A great way to help her connect with the baby is to give her personalized baby gifts that remind her of how significant this moment will be.

One idea is to get a bunch of personalized onesies that have cute sayings geared towards mommy. Some sayings could include “(baby's name) loves his mommy” or “my mommy is the best” or any other personal message that will make her feel special. This gift will touch her heart and make her feel so much closer to her new little bundle of joy. Then your mission is accomplished; she is thinking about the baby rather than the baby's stuff.


An Embroidered Gift for Mom and Baby

If you are good at embroidering, then a great gift for the mom and baby is a plaque that has the baby's full name, birth date, time and weight along with a pretty picture that depicts something about the baby embroidered on it.

This is a very personal gift and it will be something cherished for a lifetime. It can be hanged with a frame or glass in the baby's room to form part of the decor of the nursery.

This will also be a very unique gift and something truly priceless that will remind mommy and baby of the love you show them through your handmade work.


Post Baby Delivery Gift Basket

Many new moms often say they wish they knew what they would really need after the delivery. The gifts given to moms-to-be are usually for the baby and when the mom gets gifts they are usually clothes and jewelry. These are great gifts and all moms love them and should get them. But a good gift that a new mom shouldn't go without is a gift basket filled with things she will need after she gives birth to her little one and goes home.

The basket should have items such as:

  • A pair of fluffy slippers

  • A comfy lounge/hoodie set

  • A wrap for her belly to help it shrink faster, such as the 'Belly Bandit'

  • Nursing pads (if she's nursing)

  • Scar cream if she had a C-section

  • Belly creams, such as those from the Bella Bee collection

  • A tote bag for the things that won't fit in a diaper bag for her first trip to the mall with baby

These items can really help the new mommy, especially in her first days as a mom. It's amazing how nice it can be to have a super comfy outfit to wear all day around the house on those first days at home with a new baby.

What is a memorable gift for mom?

Memories Make the Best Gifts

There are all kinds of gifts available for new moms, but the best mothers gifts are the ones that celebrate special moments. Picture frames are a great way to capture some of those memories and put them on display. The most treasured picture frames offer more than just a wooden square to place a photo in. The frame itself can be memorable as well. One idea is to select a personalized frame that features the baby’s name and birth date. This is the perfect gift to showcase baby’s first photo. Or you can get a double frame that holds a picture of the baby on one side and her foot or hand print on the other. These frames usually come with a kit for collecting the baby’s prints, which mom might not think to do otherwise. Adding these simple, personal touches will ensure it is one of the first to be filled with memories.

What can I get mom that is sentimental?

Give Her Jewelry

The most memorable Mother's Day gifts are the ones that have sentimental value. For a mother of young children, a treasured gift can be as simple as a handmade card or macaroni necklace. For a new mom, her baby will most likely need a little help picking out a gift. Even though you will be the one buying the gift, look for something that will make mom feel like it is from the baby.

Jewelry is always a great gift idea and it gives mom something shiny to show-off to family and friends. One option is to have a piece of jewelry personalized with a message from the baby. Something as simple as “To My Mommy, With Love (baby's name) is sure to melt her heart. Another idea is to incorporate the baby's picture into a piece of jewelry, like in a key chain or a locket. Then she will always have her baby with her even when they are apart.

What is a good gift idea for mom?

Consider Her Style

Not all baby shower gifts are completely geared toward the baby. Some items could actually be considered gifts for mom. One example is the diaper bag. Of course this is a common baby essential, but it is mom who will be seen carrying this item around all day. When selecting this gift, mom's needs should be taken into consideration.

For a stylish mom, there are a number of designer diaper bags available. When choosing which bag to buy, consider her personal style. For the eco-friendly mom, get a diaper bag made from recycled materials. For a sophisticated mom, go with an elegant style in basic black. If she is more hip and fashionable, choose a vibrant color or find a funky pattern.

Of course you will still need to make sure the diaper bag is equipped to handle all baby's needs, but that doesn't mean you should forget about how mom will look when using it.

What activities can a baby sling or carrier be used for?

Convenient Solutions for Carrying Baby

Baby carriers and slings make great baby shower gifts and are more versatile than you might think. Most new moms don’t realize just how handy these baby carrying solutions can be until they start using one. They are great for on-the-go, around the house and everything in between.

A baby carrier or sling makes a great stroller substitute for quick shopping trips. It keeps baby safe and secure while leaving your hands free to browse through merchandise. It also makes it easier to navigate through crowded store aisles where a stroller might not fit. Baby carriers and slings can also be helpful for getting stuff done around the house. If you have a lot to do and the baby won’t stop fussing, put her in a carrier or sling and you can sooth your baby while you vacuum, sweep or do the laundry. In addition, the close contact helps mom build a stronger bond with baby.


Gift Magazine Subscriptions

A gift that could be under-estimated is a subscription to a baby magazine. When the baby arrives new moms tend get overwhelmed on how to best care for their infant. She will be looking for information and trying to find sources that explain how to do things from breastfeeding to comforting a crying baby.

No matter how much advice the new mom has received and how many books she will have read, there are always questions that she will not have the answers to at a given moment.

A great way to help her is by giving her a subscription (or two...) to a good baby magazine. This will be a great tool for her that she can reference on many baby issues, or simply just leaf through to get ideas on what types of baby accessories are out there.

A magazine is something that is always at ha and it is also readily available for quick reading when the baby finally takes a nap. It is also nice to kow that she will be getting new information every month as another magazine arrives in the mailbox.

Some good magazines to consider are:

  • Babytalk

  • American Baby

  • Pregnancy & Newborn (you can get this one for her when she is still pregnant)

  • Parenting - the Early Years

  • Cookie Magazine

These magazines are full of information that will be a great help to the new mom and will also give her some much-needed entertainment.

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