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Name That Baby Product!

This can be a fun and challenging game for the guests. Start by giving everyone a sheet of paper and a pen. Then set a timer for 5 minutes and when you say 'Go!' all the guests have to write down as many baby products as they can think of in that time.

After 5 minutes have everyone stop and hand their papers in. The guest with the most baby products written on their sheet wins a prize.

You can do this a couple more times with other subjects related to babies and pregnancy, such as naming things that women go through when pregnant, or weird food cravings, etc...

To make it more like an 'official' game you can print out the sheets from your computer for the guests and place cute baby clip art and numbers down the page for the guests to write their items next to.


Guest Decorated Onsies

This can be a very fun game for a babyshower. It's quite simple and it will entertain the guests and bring a lot of laughs.

Get a onsie and a couple of non-toxic color markers for each guest. Hand the onsies and markers out as the guests arrive. Then have each guest decorate the onsie however they like (in a baby friendly manner, of course!) and when everyone is finished give them to the mom-to-be to judge.

The one that she likes best wins a prize, or you can have the guests vote on them to get a winner. For a double prize you can do both have the future mom pick one and all the gusts vote on another.

This will surely keep the guests busy for a while and make for some creatively fun time for everyone.

How can I create a game using diapercakes?

Guess How Many Diapers

Diaper cakes not only make great centerpieces, but you can also use them for a fun game. When guests sit down at their table, have a slip of paper and a pencil ready. Once everyone arrives, tell your guests to write down how many diapers they think are in the room. Collect all the guesses in a cup or bowl and give a fun gift to the person who answers closest to the right amount.

Of course you will need to know how man y diapers are in each cake before you set them out on the tables. You can also find other creative ways to incorporate diapers into the decorations to make it even harder to guess the right number.

Another perk to the diaper cakes is that the mom-to-be will have plenty of diapers to get her through the first few months with her new baby. If you are planning a baby shower and need a diaper cake, Bloomers Baby Diaper Cakes are an elegant choice. They have a great selection of tiered cakes that are absolutely beautiful.


Dirty Diaper Game

This is a fun game and it is also very simple to prepare and play. As each guest comes in attach a little diaper on them with a pin. To make the miniature diapers you'll need some small pieces of white fabric, or white napkins. Fold the fabric or napkin pieces into the shape of a diaper and secure with the pin that will also be used to attach the diaper to the guests. On one of the diapers melt a little chocolate chip or small piece of chocolate onto it. This will be the 'dirty' diaper. Sometime in the middle of the babyshower announce to each guest that someone has a diaper with a 'surprise' in it. So one by one have each guest check their diaper to see if they are due for a 'change'. The guest that has the 'dirty diaper' gets a prize, such as a chocolate bar or a baby bottle full of candy.


Don't Say 'Baby'

This game is very simple but it can be a lot of fun.

Give each guest a clothes peg to attach to her clothing. Be sure to use pegs that are smooth so no one's shirt or jacket will get ruined.

As soon as the shower event starts tell the guests that they are not allowed to say the word 'Baby'. So, whenever someone is caught saying 'Baby' they have to give their clothes peg to the person who caught them saying the word. That person, then, attaches the peg she acquired to her clothing.

When the guests don't have any more clothes pegs left they are out of the game. The guest to collect the most pegs is the winner and gets a prize.


Personalized Babyshower Puzzle Game

This is an easy game and it's a good one to do at the beginning of the shower to get things started. It's a puzzle that comes from the website, which has lots of ideas and info for Babyshowers.

Simply go to this Puzzle Making Page and fill in the information. The site will then build the puzzle and you just have to print it out. The 'web puzzle' is free, but if you want a backgroud picture it will cost $5. It's not expensive, but you can get the same thing pretty much with the web puzzle at no cost. The web puzzle should print right from the web page where the puzzle is displayed. There is also a link that will give you the completed puzzle that you can print out as well, and use for comparing the guest's answers.

Hand a printed puzzle to each guest as they come in and have them complete it while the rest of the people arrive. When everyone is finished the person with the most correct answers gets a prize!


Babyshower Game Winner Prize Ideas

With all those games at the shower you will probably need some prizes for the winners! There are many options on what to give and the ideas are endless. You can give away food, clothing or decorating items, anything uselful is always welcome.

Some more ideas include:

  • A little manicure set

  • A set of small scented candles

  • Lotion and or shower gel sets

  • Cute sticky note sets

  • Chocolate treats

  • Custom jewelry

  • Flavored or tinted lip balm gift sets

  • Motif coin purses

  • Jewelry boxes

Anything that can be used will make a great prize, even if it is small and inexpensive.

How can I keep guest engaged while gifts are being opened?

Baby Bingo

A fun and easy game to play at a baby shower is Baby Bingo. This game is meant to be played when the mom-to-be is opening her gifts to help keep the guests engaged. Here‘s how it works:

Design Bingo boards that say “Baby!” across the top (rather than Bingo) and feature 5 potential gifts under each column. Include both traditional and unique baby gifts so each board is noticeable different. This will reduce the chances of having multiple winners at one time.

Place the letters B-a-b-y-! into a bowl and designate someone to pick out a letter before each gift is opened. Inform guests to mark any boxes that correspond to both the letter called and the gift opened. For example, if the letter is “y” and the expecting mom opens a stroller – anyone that has a picture of a stroller in the “y” column can check it off.

The goal is to check-off 5 items in a row, just like traditional Bingo. Have a few small gifts on hand to pass out to the winners.

What is a good baby shower game that involves baby bottles?


Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Sure, who hasn't! How about all the way back to your infant days? A great baby shower game is one that allows adults to go back to the days when they suckled from bottles and used diapers. In order to play this game you will need a baby bottle for every participant. First, you will need to fill each bottle with water or juice. Then, have all of the participants get on their marks. Time them to see who can finish the bottle the fastest. Give the winner a prize (this is a great chance to give out a good gag gift).

What's a good baby shower game?

Who's Who?

A great baby shower game is called "Who's Who?" If you want to play this game, however, it will take some advanced planning. On your invitations, ask each guest to bring a photo of themselves as a baby to the shower. As the guests arrive, collect the photographs. When everyone is in attendance place all of the photos on a bulletin board and place a number next to each one. Give each guest a sheet of paper and ask her to make a list of who they think each picture of. At the end of the party, give a prize to the woman that got the most correct.

*It's a good idea to specify how old you would like each person to be in the picture that they bring so that the pictures will be consistently the same age--this will make the game more difficult.

What's a good guessing game to play at a baby shower?

The Guessing Game

Sure, every baby is given a due date but how many babies are actually born on the date predicted? Still, it's fun guessing. A great baby shower game centers around this concept. The night before the baby shower, fill up some ice cube trays with water and place a tiny plastic baby in each one. Freeze the tray overnight. On the day of the shower, give each guest one of the ice cubes in a clear plastic cup. Have each woman guess a specific time when the ice will melt completely and her baby will be "born". Record the guesses. At the end of the shower, award a prize to the woman whose guess was closest to the actual birth time of her plastic baby.

What is a good baby shower game that involves baby food?

Infantile Taste Test

You can stop looking for baby shower game ideas now because this is a sure-fire winner. To play the "Infantile Taste Test" you will need 10 jars of baby food, each of which should be a different flavor. Remove the labels from each jar or cover them with something, such as tin foil, to conceal the labels. Write a highly visible number on each jar. Next, provide each participant with a paper plate, a plastic spoon, a piece of paper, and a pen. Pass each of the numbered jars around and have each woman place a scoop on her plate and write the corresponding number next to it. Then, have everyone taste each scoop and try to figure out what flovor it is. They should write their guesses on the sheet of paper with which they have been provided. Whoever guesses the most flavore correctly is the winner.

How do I make a baby shower time capsule?

Give the Baby a Time Capsule

Wouldn't it be great to have a collection of documented events of importance and social relevance from the time when you were born? It's a great gesture to arrange this for a baby that's on the way. Making a time capsule is a fantastic baby shower game. To accomplish this, decorate a large container with the baby's name (if it's known) and the baby shower theme. Have each invitee bring something relevant to put inside the capsule. Some great ideas include:

  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine articles
  • CDs of current music
  • Current movie listings or DVDs that are popular at the time
  • Anything else that pertains to the current time

Additionally, have each guest write a personal note for the baby and place those inside the capsule as well.

What is a great baby shower game?

Girth Guesser

If you're having trouble coming up with good baby shower game ideas, Girth Guesser is a fun icebreaker. For this game all you will need is a few rolls of yarn and some scissors. To play, follow the instructions below:

  • Have the guests take a look at the mommy-to-be's belly
  • Ask guests to speculate how large the belly is
  • Have each guest cut a piece of yarn from the roll that they think will be long enough to equal the girth of the belly
  • After each guest has cut her piece of yarn, have the mother measure and cut a piece that is the exact girth
  • Compare the pieces of yarn and select the one that is the closest in length to the actual girth

This game is tons of fun and it is hilarious to see how much people will over or underestimate the girth of the expectant mommy's stomach. Before playing this game, take into consideration the feelings of the guest of honor. Is she shy? How sensitive is she? If you have doubts, don't play this game.

Where can I find baby shower games in a rush?

Print Out Some Games

It's a good idea to be adequately prepared for your baby shower and to make sure that there is enough fun and games to last through the entire party. If you're not exactly the creative type then you're probably having trouble making up games. And, if you've waited until the last minute, you might not have enough time to run out and pick up a baby shower game book. No worries, your shower is not ruined. There are many sites online that offer printable baby shower games. These games are easy to find using an online search and many of them are available free of charge. Some sites charge a small fee to print out the games and you can buy them one at a time or in a package. Just a few of the available games include:

  • Baby Bingo
  • Baby Name Scrabble
  • Baby Word Finder
  • Baby Memory
  • What's in a Name?

What's a fun feeding game to play at a baby shower?

Messy Babies!

As we all know, feeding a baby can be messy business. What we might not guess is that feeding an adult can be just as messy, if not more. If you're fresh out of baby shower game ideas, try this one on for size. Ahead of time, you will need to purchase enough pudding cups and plastic spoons for every guest to have one of each. Then, pair each attendee up with a partner and have them sit across from one another. Next, blindfold everyone and have each woman attempt to feed her partner. The pair that finishes their pudding first wins.

* A word to the wise, you're better off playing this game outdoors or over tile or vinyl.

How can I come up with bay shower entertainment?

Short on Baby Shower Game Ideas?

You will want to have entertainment throughout your entire baby shower. How many games you need will depend on how long your baby shower will last. If you're running low on cutesy game ideas it's a good idea to pick up a baby shower game book at a local book store or to order one online. A good book will provide you with enough games for 10 baby showers. If you don't want to shell out all of the money yourself, collect a pool of money from the invitees with which to purchase the book. Depending on the crowd, you might even be able to use the book numerous times for future baby showers

What is a hilarious baby shower game idea?

The Potato Drop

Want a hilarious baby shower game idea? Try "The Potato Drop" for some sure-fire laughs. In advance, purchase a potato and a jar with a wide mouth (make sure the potato can fit into the jar). On the day of the shower, place the jar in the middle of the room and have the guests form a line on the outer edge of the room. One at a time, have each woman put the potato between her knees and attempt to walk to the middle of the room and drop the potato into the jar. Have each successful participant move on to the next round. Continue until only one woman is left. As you move on to each new round, it's a great idea to make the target smaller. For example, start out with a bucket and end with a glass.

What is a simple and fun game for a baby shower?

Scattergories-Inspired Baby Shower Game

The board game Scattergories can easily be altered to create a fun and energetic game for a baby shower. All you need are enough copies of the alphabet sheet and a writing instrument for every guest. The sheet should list every letter of the alphabet, each followed by a line on which to write the answers. In actual Scattergories, the sheets contain categories and a die is rolled to select a letter that each category’s answer must begin with. In the baby shower version, the only category is "Baby" and each guest should try to come up with an appropriate word that begins with each letter of the alphabet. The host and mom-to-be should keep the time and be the judges. In addition to the obvious answers, like "bottle" and "diapers," you can accept answers that relate specifically to the guest of honor and her baby. For instance, if her nursery theme is dinosaurs, "Tyrannosaurus" could be an acceptable answer. When the designated time is up, start with one guest and have them read her answers. If any other guest has that same word, everyone who wrote that answer must cross it out. This should continue until every guest has read her list. Each participant should total up the number of words she didn't cross out. The person with the most unique words wins the game and a prize.

What type of diaper bag should I use for quick trips?

That's So Clutch

When you are out with your baby all day long, your diaper bag should be ready to handle anything. Being prepared means packing so much stuff, your diaper bag is almost bursting at the seams. While that makes sense for long outings, you don't want to be lugging around a big diaper bag on shorter trips.

For a quick trip to the store or to run an errand, a designer clutch diaper bag is definitely the way to go. Check out the Fairfax Clutch Baby Bag collection by Reese Li. These mini-diaper bags are designed to be grabbed in a hurry and can be carried as a purse, wristlet or clutch as the perfect on-the-go accessory. Don't let the small size fool you, these bags feature multiple pockets that candle up to 5 diapers, a package of travel wipes and any additional essentials you might need to carry. Each clutch also features a brag flap to display a picture of your new bundle of joy.


Drink the Bottle Game

This game is a lot of fun and will have the guests laughing hysterically. To play you will need a bunch of plastic 8 oz. baby bottles, about one for each guest (get a couple of extras, just in case). Buy the cheap plastic bottles that are sold in multiple packs, or even disposable ones, since they will only be used one time to play the game. Make sure to get the Stage 1 nipples with the smaller holes so that it will be harder to drink from them.

Fill the bottles with skim milk, water or any other liquid that's easy to drink. Hand a filled bottle to each guest and set a timer for one minute.

The guest that finishes the bottle or that drinks the most in one minute wins the game and gets a prize.

The funny sight of a bunch of grown women sucking down baby bottles will have everyone laughing in stitches! It will be quite hard to drink while trying not to laugh...


Store Bought Baby Shower Games

If you need more options on games for the Babyshower you can always buy a few at specialized online stores or any retail store that sells baby shower items. There are many games to choose from and they are relatively inexpensive, they also can add to the decor and theme of the shower.

Some fun games you can find at stores include:

  • My Water Broke

  • Sweet Moses

  • Bottles Up

  • Dirty Diaper Game (Girl and Boy versions)

  • The pacifier Game

  • The Clothespin Game

  • Baby Lotto

  • Baby Bingo

  • Peas in a Pod Surprise Game

  • Baby Trivia Game

  • Printable baby Games (many different themes)

All these games range from $6 to about $15 and can also be used as keepsakes after the shower.

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