That's So Clutch

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What type of diaper bag should I use for quick trips?

That's So Clutch

When you are out with your baby all day long, your diaper bag should be ready to handle anything. Being prepared means packing so much stuff, your diaper bag is almost bursting at the seams. While that makes sense for long outings, you don't want to be lugging around a big diaper bag on shorter trips.

For a quick trip to the store or to run an errand, a designer clutch diaper bag is definitely the way to go. Check out the Fairfax Clutch Baby Bag collection by Reese Li. These mini-diaper bags are designed to be grabbed in a hurry and can be carried as a purse, wristlet or clutch as the perfect on-the-go accessory. Don't let the small size fool you, these bags feature multiple pockets that candle up to 5 diapers, a package of travel wipes and any additional essentials you might need to carry. Each clutch also features a brag flap to display a picture of your new bundle of joy.



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