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What is a unique keepsake to give at a baby shower?

Help That Baby Make his Mark

If looking at endless baby shower keepsakes has done you no good and you're still empty handed as far as your gift goes, try thinking of getting something more original. Those tiny little hands and feet are adorable but, as much as we'd like them to, they're not going to stay that size. As it is the law of nature, we all grow up. However, you can buy a great keepsake gift that will forever preserve the image of those tiny appendages. Get the new parents a baby handprint set. This decorative tin is filled with a casting material that allows parents to take a mold of their baby's tint hand. In addition, the inside of the lid of the tin has a space to place a picture of the baby. This is the perfect way to help the parents keep those tiny hands that size forever.

What should I look for when selecting baby jewelry?

Baby Jewelry Safety

Let's face it, baby jewelry is adorable and it's hard to resist buying that teeny bracelet or tiny necklace to decorate a new infant. If you're going to do it, however, make sure that you keep safety in mind. Here are some key safety issues to keep in mind while shopping:

  • Make sure that the material is hypoallergenic.
  • Make sure that beads or charms are tightly woven so there is no risk that they will fall off and be swallowed
  • Select high-quality materials that will not chip or break apart and become choking hazards.
  • Make sure that the jewelry has a safe latch (DO NOT pick jewelry with sharp clasps or pin latches).

What is a good baby keepsake gift?

Help Them Remember the Firsts

The beginning of a new baby's life will be filled with many firsts and the proud parents will want to document every single one. If you're in search of the perfect gift, get some special baby keepsakes to help the beaming new parents keep track of some of those precious memories.

Two of the most monumental events in a baby's life are getting that first haircut and losing that first tooth. Buy the new mommy and daddy a special "first tooth" and "first tooth" keepsake set. On you can order these adorable keepsake box sets in silver or porcelain and one box will be engraved with the phrase "my first curl" and the other with the phrase "my first tooth." These cute little containers can hold those precious memories for years to come.

What are some good silver baby gift ideas?

Give an Elegant Baby Gift

If the stereotypical baby gifts (like plastic rattles and fleece blankets) aren't really your thing, give a gift with a little more elegance. Get that little prince or princess a beautiful, sterling silver baby gift. There are oodles of options so take your time and pick one that is your style.

If you want to give something that is practical and can be used for years to come, get a silver comb and brush set engraved with the little sweetie's name.

If you want to give something more playful, give a silver rattle ring that is sure to outlast and stuffed or plastic one.

Or, if you just want to give something lovely that the child can keep around for years, give a luxurious personalized silver jewelry box. Whatever type of silver gift you give, you will be giving something that is both beautiful and durable.

How can I make a gift basket that centers around my silver baby gift?

Give a Little More

Sterling silver baby gifts are beautiful but if you want to give a little more than a silver keepsake, make a gift basket that centers around the silver item. Here's a great idea: First, have a sterling silver baby spoon engraved with the child's name. Then, buy a large wicker basket and line in with an adorable baby blanket. Fill the basket to the brim with baby formula and assorted flavors of jarred baby food. Buy 2 or 3 adorable baby bibs (try to stick to a particular theme like duckies or polka dots) and arrange those in the basket as well. Wrap the spoon up in a gift box and place it in the middle of the basket. Finally, top the basket off with a nice bow.

What are some good baby jewelry ideas?

Something Classy

Baby jewelry makes a precious gift for a baby shower or a christening. A nice piece of jewelry is a classy and memorable memento that will last throughout the years--if it's made of quality materials, that is. Here are some great suggestions:

  • A simple silver bangle bracelet
  • A tiny gold or silver cross
  • A small silver bracelet with a monogrammed charm
  • Small beaded bracelets
  • Necklace with monogrammed charm

What gift should I give to celebrate a new pregnancy?

It's a Plus Sign!

For most woman, the day she finds out she is pregnant is one of the most memorable days of her life. She may have nine more months until the baby arrives, but it is never too early to start celebrating. Give her a sentimental gift to commemorate the day and she will be even happier.

For a treasured keepsake, this occasion definitely calls for a piece of jewelry. When deciding on what to get her, consider that she will start to swell soon, so a ring or bracelet might not fit her towards the end of the pregnancy. A necklace is probably a better idea since you won't have to worry about the length or size. Check out the collection of sterling silver necklaces from Baroni Jewelry that feature designs that celebrate love. Featuring heart pendants and love charms, wearing one of these necklaces will constantly remind mom of the day her heart filled with the joy of creating a new life.

How do I choose the right baby jewelry?

Give Her Jewelry That Lasts

If you are considering giving baby jewelry as a gift, think about how it will look on the baby as well as how it can be used in the future. Babies grow so fast, so most jewelry will only fit for a short period of time. After she outgrows it, you don't want it to end-up in a box somewhere, never to be seen again.

Charm necklaces have the most longevity. Once the baby outgrows the chain, the charm can be transferred to a larger chain that fits. A baby ring is usually engraved with the baby's initials, so it is a more sentimental gift. Some moms will wear the ring as a necklace once baby has outgrown it. Include an adult chain with the gift so mom will get the hint. Bracelets are adorable, but probably the most impractical option. When selecting a bracelet, make sure it is extra-special so that it might become a keepsake to be passed on to a future generation.

How do I choose a memorable christening gift?

Memorable Christening Gifts

Baptizing a child is a religious right of passage that is a very sentimental experience for most parents. A lot of thought goes into planning a christening, including choosing a church, picking the God parents, shopping for a christening gown and preparing for the reception. Every parent wants this moment to be memorable, so give a gift that will help them remember this event forever.

Many keepsake items are appropriate for this occasion, but the ones that are treasured the most are personalized baby christening gifts. There are a number of items that can help commemorate this event. One option is a monogrammed christening blanket that can be used to wrap baby in on the day of the event and be saved as a memento. Another idea is to give engraved jewelry that displays the baby's name and baptism date. This is an elegant way to mark the occasion with a timeless gift.


First Earrings for a Baby Girl

If the mom-to-be is planning on piercing her baby girl's ears at some point, a good Babyshower gift can be a nice pair of earrings for the little one.

Make sure that the earrings are safe for a baby or small child and that they are made of, at least, real silver. They should not be made of cheaper materials, such as nickel or brass as baby's ears are very sensitive and could get infected easily.

A good pair of earrings that will always be adequate for a baby girl are gold studs, pearl studs or diamond studs. She can wear these for many years and keep them in her jewelry collection for years to come. The first pair of earrings is a wonderful keepsake to remember babyhood by once the little one grows up.


Baby Girl and Mommy Matching Bracelets

A special gift for the mom-to-be and her new baby is a pair of matching bracelets. You can get them custom made with an engraved message or with their names. It's a nice way for the mother and child to bond and have a keepsake that connects them.

As the baby grows into a young girl she can wear the bracelet knowing that her mom has the matching one and it will keep them close.

Make sure to get one that can be adjusted so once the baby is old enough to wear the bracelet it can grow along with her as she gets bigger and into adulthood.

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