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Washcloth Cupcakes Centerpiece

A wonderful centerpiece idea for a Babyshower is a platter full of 'cupcakes' made of baby washcloths. They are very easily made and if you add a cute accessory on top of the cupcakes they can serve as prizes for shower game winners.

To make the cupcakes you will need:

  • Baby washcloths in assorted colors

  • Cupcake paper cups

  • Custom jewlery such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces

Fold each washcloth in half and roll it up into a round shape. Then place each of them into the paper cups, just like a cupcake. Then, on top of each washcloth cupcake place a piece of jewlery as the final touch.

Put the cupcakes onto a decorated platter and place as the centerpiece on the main table. When the guests are playing the baby shower games give a cupcake as a prize for each winner.

How do I make a diaper cake?

Diaper Cakes are the Newest Rage

Are you throwing a baby shower and having a hard time coming up with a great centerpiece idea? Well, my friend, it's about time you learn how to make a baby shower diaper cake. Here is a quick recipe run through:

  • First, you must determine exactly what size you want your diaper cake to be. Here are some guidelines to abide by: Top tier - 5-6 diapers 2nd Tier - 15 diapers 3rd Tier - 30 diapers
  • Roll the diapers vertically into tubular shapes and hold the shapes with rubber bands (scotch tape can work too). Create the bottom tiers first by attaching the diapers with safety pins. Arrange all of the diapers to form a large, circular shape and secure the shape with a large rubber band.
  • You can attach the tiers to each other with safety pins. It's a great idea to wrap the layers of the cake in receiving blankets or cute baby blankets.
  • The top tier should contain an extra special item, like a keepsake or a stuffed animal. You can attach the diapers around the item to conceal it or pin it to the top layer of the cake.
  • When decorating the cake use ribbons and adorable charms.

Feel free to get creative and have fun. Diaper cakes are becoming the hottest new item at baby showers. By taking a little time and asserting a little effort, you can create an amazing centerpiece for your baby shower or an unforgettable gift for the new mommy.

What is a truly original baby shower centerpiece idea?

An Umbrella for the Shower

Want a truly unique baby shower centerpiece idea? The first thing you have to do is go out and buy an umbrella. If the sex of the baby is known choose a pink or blue umbrella. If the sex is still undetermined, look for an umbrella with child-like patterns (ducks, teddy bears, etc.) or a cheerful pattern (a pastel plaid or polka dots). Hang the umbrella above the seat where the mom-to-be will sit and fill it with oodles of baby supplies and goodies (rattles, bonnets, stuffed animals, lotions, etc.). Tie pastel ribbons to the edges of the umbrella so that they dangle down.

How do I make an easy baby shower centerpiece?

Quick Fix for a Centerpiece

Is it getting down to the wire and you're still trying to figure out how to make a baby shower centerpiece? Take a deep breath and calm down. Planning a party can be hard work and, when you're worrying about food, decorations, invitations, and presents, things like centerpieces can get thrown by the wayside. No worries, however, you can pull off a fabulous centerpiece in no time. Head down to your local craft store and pick up pink and blue tissue paper, a few bags of both blue and pink gemstones, and an assortment of small, inexpensive vases or votive holders. Place the vases or votive holders in the center of the table and fill them with shredded pieces of tissue paper and gemstones.

*If the sex of the baby has been determined, you can use either blue or pink rather than both.

How should I arrange my baby shower centerpiece?

The Center of Attention

The baby shower centerpiece is the focal point of the event so it is of the utmost importance that it is perfect. When placing it in the center of the table make sure that it is neither too high nor too low. You don't want people bending over to examine it or having to stretch their necks to see others across the table. It should be exactly eye level. Some of the most popular baby shower centerpieces are floral arrangents--they are available everywhere and always a beautiful and fragrant choice (plus they can be around for weeks after the shower). Another popular cernterpiece choice is a cake. A cake will look festive throughout the shower and double as the dessert.

Does a centerpiece make a good baby shower gift?

A Centerpiece Makes a Fine Gift

If baby shower gift hunting didn't go quite as planned and you're still trying to decide what to bring for the new mommy, why not bring a baby shower centerpiece? Buy a large wicker basket and fill it to the brim with baby goodies that the new mommy will need. Stuff it with rattles, booties, pacifiers, teething rings, stuffed animals, bottles, and bibs. Fill any extra space with colorful tissue paper or confetti. Tie colorful balloons to the handle to top it off. To add something extra special, bring along enough candles to surround the basket. And, when you place the centerpiece on the table, put the candles around it and light them. Be sure, however, that you call the host ahead of time and let her know that the centerpiece is taken care of.

What's a unique baby shower centerpiece idea?

Go Fish!

Looking for a great baby shower centerpiece idea? Forget a cake or a flower arrangement! If you want your shower to go swimmingly, deck your table out with a fantastic centerpiece. Buy a large fishbowl and fill it with water. Then, cover the surface of the water with floating votive candles and beautiful flower buds. If you really want to go all out, drop a big fat goldfish into the water and let it swim around throughout the event. This type of centerpiece is inexpensive, elegant, and original. The guests will be talking about it long after the shower is over.

Can I get a diaper cake made for me?

Let Someone Else Do the Dirty Diaper Work

If you're in love with the idea of baby shower diaper cakes but aren't the "do-it-yourself" type, put away those diapers and pins and have a cake made for the occasion. There are many pre-made diaper cakes available that you can have shipped right to your doorstep. Aside from the luxury of having someone else do the work for you, you can also pick a design from a number of fantastic themes. Just a few available options include:

  • Cars
  • Cowboys
  • Frogs
  • Moons and Stars
  • Noah's Ark
  • Princess
  • Sports

If you have a professional make the diaper cake for you the possibilities are expansive and you know it will look great.


Stuffed Animal BabyShower Centerpiece

A cute idea for a centerpiece that can later serve as a toy for the baby is a stuffed animal. Get a large teddy bear, or any other stuffed animal you think the mom to be would like. Place him in a basket covered with a soft baby blanket and give him a baby bottle, a bib and hang a binkie around his neck (not to do this with a baby, of course, but for a teddy bear it's obviously ok...). You can also put a cute baby hat on his head and dress him up in a baby onsie.

Place the basket with the teddy bear in the middle of the main table and decorate it like a baby's room. You can put a music box, a cute pair of baby shoes and a mobile all around the basket, for example.

This will look really cute and all the items that are on the bear or displayed with him can be given to the mom- to-be for her new baby as well.

The bear centerpiece can also serve as your gift to the new mom, so you can even stuff the basket around the bear with a bunch of baby items (socks, bibs, onsies, wipes, toys, pacifiers, etc...). Or if you prefer to just have the bear in the basket by himself, you can put the extra baby items all wrapped in pretty paper around the bear basket.

How should I set up the lighting in my nursery?

Don't Forget About the Lighting

When you are planning your lighting scheme for your nursery, there is more to consider than you might think. First ask yourself a few questions. How much natural light is there? How will the window treatments affect the natural light? What type of overhead light do I need? Do all areas of the room have sufficient lighting? These are just some of the items you will need to address.

Keep window treatments simple so plenty of light comes in during the day. This will make the room seem brighter and create a more positive environment.

When choosing a ceiling fixture, anything with a dimmer will provide more versatile lighting. You can control the amount of light in the room to correspond with your activity. Lamps are a great way to supplement existing lighting or to light only one area at a time. For example, you can include a lamp near the changing table or next to the glider/rocker. Some smaller lamps, like the ones from Cal Lighting, feature adorable designs that will also contribute to the nursery décor.

How can I be inspired to pick a nursery theme?

Get Inspired

Having trouble coming up with a nursery theme? There are so many to choose from, it can be hard to make a final decision. If you are not sure what direction to go in, look to kids' wall art for some inspirational ideas. Generally, wall art provides the room with a focal point, so if you find the art you like - you have your theme. The rest of the room can be designed around that one piece to create a unified space.

Wall art comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. For a more permanent option, you can stencil a mural directly onto the wall. If you don't want to commit to something so permanent, you can get multiple wall canvases that fit together to create a larger image. Another option is to hang reusable peel and place decals. That way if you hang your art on one wall and then change your mind, you can easily move the decals to another wall.

How can I create fun centerpieces?

Make Fun of the New Mommy

Having a new baby means making a lot of adjustments to your lifestyle and most new moms have no idea what's in store. If you are planning a baby shower for a friend, why not play a little joke on her? For a great centerpiece idea, fill photo albums and frames with digitally altered pictures of the expecting couple that feature funny captions and baby images.

For example, take a picture of the expecting mom on vacation and insert a crying baby in her arms. Or a picture of the happy couple out to dinner, but replace their wine glasses with baby bottles. You could also frame a collage of these altered photos and have guests sign it with cute messages.

There are a number of ways you can have fun with this concept and it will definitely get some laughs from both the expecting mommy and the guests.

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