Quick Fix for a Centerpiece

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How do I make an easy baby shower centerpiece?

Quick Fix for a Centerpiece

Is it getting down to the wire and you're still trying to figure out how to make a baby shower centerpiece? Take a deep breath and calm down. Planning a party can be hard work and, when you're worrying about food, decorations, invitations, and presents, things like centerpieces can get thrown by the wayside. No worries, however, you can pull off a fabulous centerpiece in no time. Head down to your local craft store and pick up pink and blue tissue paper, a few bags of both blue and pink gemstones, and an assortment of small, inexpensive vases or votive holders. Place the vases or votive holders in the center of the table and fill them with shredded pieces of tissue paper and gemstones.

*If the sex of the baby has been determined, you can use either blue or pink rather than both.



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