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What is a great gift idea for a new mom who lives in the city?

Mom in the City

Diaper Bags are not all created equal. Each type of bag has features that suit different personalities and lifestyles. For a city mom, a backpack diaper bag is probably the best choice. Living in the city means mom and baby will be doing lots of walking. A backpack style bag will keep her hands free to push the baby stroller. It is also less bulky so she can easily navigate through crowded streets.

When choosing a backpack diaper bag, make sure it is large enough to fit all baby's needs, but small enough to fit comfortably on mom's back. To help keep her organized, find a bag with multiple pockets and dividers. Bags that feature pockets on the outside are also handy. The easy access will make it simple for mom to grab what she needs when on-the-go. Added features like insulated bottle totes and changing stations are a plus.

What kind of gift can I give to an expecting mother to start a family tradition?

Start a Family Tradition

Having a baby is a rite-of-passage of sorts, it's the continuation of the family genes and the creation of a new generation. If your child is expecting a child, get her a truly unique gift that will be extra special to her heart. Do you have a piece of jewelry that your mother passed on to you? Maybe now is the time to pass it on to your daughter or your son's wife. If you don't have a piece of jewelry that is ritualistically passed down in your family, now could be a great time to start this kind of tradition. Giving mother jewelry is a great way to reward that special woman for the beautiful gift that she's bringing into the world.

What is a good mother and child gift?

Make it Double

There is a strong and undeniable bond between a mother and child. A baby is gift that is so special that it can't fully be described with words. A mother will carry this precious being in her body for nine months before sharing it with the world. In that time period an amazing bond will be formed. And, from the moment that they first lock gazes they will be bonded forever. Help the two broadcast their love for each other by buying them mother and child jewelry. Some great choices are matching sterling silver necklaces or matching beaded bracelts that are personalized with their names.

What kind of baby shower gift can I give that I can add to each year?

Give her Something Charming

Showering an expectant mother with gifts for her baby is a tradition that has been celebrated for years. Generally, the mother will receive gifts that will be used at a certain point in the baby's life and then discarded. Instead of doing the norm, get a jewelry gift for mom to be that can be added to and enjoyed for years to come.

Charm bracelets are wonderful pieces of jewelry that can be updated and altered whenever the ower opts to do so. For a unique gift, get a sterling silver charm bracelet for the child. Along with the bracelet, also give the first charm (a great first charm is one that is monogrammed with the child's name). Then, on future birthdays, holidays, and special occassions, you can give additional charms as gifts.

What kind of gift can I give to display the bond between mother and child?

A Beautiful Message

When a woman is expecting a child, the baby not only grows in her belly but it grows in her heart as well. A new baby is an extremely special gift and, on top of the physical investment that a mother puts in, there will be a lot of emotional investment as well.

If you want to get a great jewelry gift for mom to be, get her something beautiful that sends out a beautiful message as well. Get her the "I grew you in my heart" necklace charm. This sterling silver charm displays the image of a baby inside of a hollow heart outline. And, it sends out the heartfelt message that the baby was grown with love. This is a lovely gift that displays the bond between mother and child and is a message that a mother and child can share together.

What kind of gift can I give an expecting mom to help her announce her pregnancy?

Give Mom Some Credit

Pregnant women have something very special to brag about. In the later months of pregnancy the fact that a woman is expecting will become blatantly obvious. Earlier in the pregnancy, however, there is generally little to no evidence that a woman is with child. To make sure that she gets all of the wonderful attention that she deserves, get a newly expecting mommy a gift that will help her announce to the world that she will soon have a very special arrival.

Some great jewelry for mom to be is a pendant that tells the world that she is expecting. Giver her a beautiful, sterling silver pendant. The pendants come in a variety of styles, inclusive of: A star or heart that reads "expecting," a pregnant woman figurine, or the profile of a pregnant woman. Help her shout it from the roof tops!

What is the best jewelry option for an expecting mom?

Make Her Feel Beautiful

Pregnant woman are known for having a certain glow, but if you ask any expecting mom, they will tell you that they feel anything but beautiful. Can you really blame her? Being pregnant can get so uncomfortable that she can't even where her jewelry anymore. If you are looking for a gift that will lift her spirits and make her feel pretty, give her some mommy jewelry that is specifically designed for expecting moms.

At some point, most pregnant woman will have to stop wearing her wedding ring due to swelling. As a temporary replacement, give her an “It's a Boy” or “It's a Girl” stretch ring that celebrates the upcoming birth of her new baby. These stretch rings are made of sterling silver and feature elegant Swarovski crystals. The underlying stretch band expands as needed, making it comfortable enough to wear all day. No matter how big she gets, looking down at this thoughtful gift will remind her of that is it all worth it in the end.

What kind of mom jewelry should I get for an expecting mom?

Get Her the Right Jewelry for her Personality

There are countless types of baby gifts out there and an expecting mother is guaranteed to receive plenty of them at her shower. Why not make your shower gift something for the mom instead, like jewelry. Choosing that perfect type of mom jewelry to give as a baby shower gift can be tricky. The secret to making a good decision is to take the specific recipient into consideration. Need some ideas?

  • Is she the elegant type who likes beautiful simplicity? Then get her a nice string of pearls or a simple, gold bangle.
  • Is she funky and fun-loving? Get her a trendy beaded bracelet that has her name engraved on the beads or a fun charm necklace that reflects her personality.
  • Does she like symbolic jewelry that is representative of achievements or events? Buy her a beautiful maternity pen or an "expecting" charm necklace.

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