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Take Along Baby Blanket

When the baby is under a year old, a blanket in the crib won't be needed or even recommended. But it's a good idea to have a few soft blankets on hand for when the mom-to-be will take her little one out of the house.

Whether at the mall or in a restaurant, the little one will appreciate the softness of a baby blanket when sleeping in the stroller or baby carrier. A blanket will help her feel secure and snuggly when out in strange and unknown surroundings.

It's safe to have a blanket on the baby as long as you are right there by her and able to monitor if the blanket gets too close to her nose or gets tangled.

So a great gift for the new mommy on her shower day is a nice soft blankie that she can take everywhere the baby goes. It may even become her 'lovey' down the road when she is older and she'll want to take it everywhere!

How large should a baby blanket be?

A Baby Needs a BABY Blanket

A baby blanket makes an adorable and practical baby shower gift. Before you choose just any blanket, however, keep some safety issues in mind. Under no circumstances should an infant be covered with an adult-sized blanket. If a blanket is too large there will be too much excess fabric and a baby could become tangled and injure himself or become completely covered and risk suffocation. They sell baby blankets for a reason—because they are the appropriate size for a baby. No matter how adorable that huge, fluffy, polka-dotted blanket is, don't buy it for an infant. Instead, opt for a pint-sized hooded blanket or a super-soft blankie (perhaps a flannel one lined with satin). Here are some other bedding safety tips to pass on to the expectant mother:

  • Before leaving a child unattended, all soft objects such as pillows and large stuffed animals should be removed from the crib
  • Baby should be placed on his back on a tight-fitting and firm mattress
  • Place baby with feet at foot of crib and tuck part of blanket under the mattress (the part that covers the baby shouldn't come up farther than his chest).

What's a good baby shower gift that the mother can use in the car?

On the Road Baby Gift

There's no doubt that, at some point in her life, that new baby is going to have to be toted somewhere in a vehicle. If you're trying to figure out what type of present to buy your friend for her baby shower, consider a car seat. Car seats are a necessity today and every good mommy needs one. When selecting a car seat for a new baby, make sure that it is age appropriate. You will need to select an infant or convertible seat (these are designed for infants that way less that 20 pounds and are under a year old). Once you have the perfect seat picked out don't wrap it up and put the bow on it yet. New babies are sensitive to temperature and it is likely that that sweet little girl is going to get chilly while on the road. Buy a cute baby blanket to go with the seat so that little angel can stay toasty. A soft, warm blanket made of fleece or chanille is a good choice. Some great selections are the "Blue Angel Chenille Baby Blanket" and the "Blue Toile Chenille Baby Blanket" both made my J. Shane.

Why are security blankets good gifts?

Boost her Independence

Studies have proven that the ability of a baby to calm and soothe herself and to be able to find comfort without assistance helps her to develop emotional intelligence. The possession of a baby security blanket can help an infant to achieve this. Through choosing a transitional object, a baby is able to establish a sense of control and independence. And, having some control over her own emotions without help from her parents can do wonders for her development. For these reasons, a security blanket makes an excellent shower gift. A great choice is one that has knots or pieces that make it easy for a baby to grasp it or one that is half blanket and half stuffed animal.

*Make sure that the material is soft (try chenille or fleece).

What kind of baby blanket can boost development?

Give a Gift to Boost Development

When selecting a baby blanket, try to select one that provides a multi-sensory experience. Vivid colors and distinguishable faces provide visual stimulation that will jump start baby's development. Blankets with squeakers or crinkly components that provide sounds will trigger auditory stimulation. And, choosing a blanket composed of assorted materials of different textures can easily stimulate the sense of touch. In addition, you should attempt to find a blanket that has knots or appendages that a little one can get a hold of. Grasping the blanket can help a baby practice hand-eye coordination as well as basic hand coordination skills.

Is there such thing as a mobile crib?

Put That Crib in Motion

That cute little baby might be snug as a bug in his crib but sometimes it's not convenient for a new mother to leave him there. Women today are constantly on the go and sitting at home while the baby's sleeping isn't always an option. Let's face it sitters can get expensive. Wouldn't it be opportune if that crib were portable? Well, you can't work miracles and shrink that thing down to pint size but you can buy a separate portable baby bed to give as your baby shower present. Get that mommy-to-be a "Baby Moses Basket And Bedding." The bed is a basket constructed of sturdy palm that is very durable and large enough to comfortably accommodate an infant without being inconveniently large (32" x 15" x 9"). It comes with beautiful chenille baby blanket that is big enough to allow the baby some growing room. It also comes with:

  • A chenille bumper
  • A fitted sheet made from Egyptian cotton
  • Foam mattress with a cover that can be easily removed for cleaning

This basket will make it possible for the new mommy to run errands (in or out of the house) while keeping her comfortably sleeping infant by her side. And, she can easily cart him to the grocery, the post office, or even grandma's house.

Is there a personalized gift basket?

Get Personal

If a personalized baby blanket is on your shopping list for that perfect baby gift, why not get that new bundle of joy a fantastic personalized gift basket instead? Let him her know that they are like royalty by getting either a “Personalized Princess Basket” or a “Personalized Prince Charming Gift Basket.” These precious sets come with:

  • An 11” x 7” rocking chair
  • 10” prince or princess doll
  • Luxurious fleece blanket personalized with the baby's name and birthday
  • Booties
  • Washcloths
  • Monogrammed baby cap
  • Monogrammed bib and burp cloth Aside from being personalized with the baby's name, these gifts assign the title of “Prince” or “Princess.”

This gift is sure to be a hit and will definitely be something that the little one will want to hold on to for years to come.

How do I make my blanket gift more interesting?

Bundle Up

Let's say you spent hours searching for the perfect baby blanket to give as your baby shower gift and now it is time to wrap it. It looks great when it is laid out, but when you fold it into the gift box, somehow it loses its luster. If you want to add real WOW factor to your gift, bundle the blanket with a monogrammed burp cloth or bib. Princess Linens offers a variety of fabrics and color options that are sure to compliment your gift.

Place the burp cloth and/or bib on top of the blanket and fasten the two items together with a matching ribbon. This creates a more exciting and unique presentation when the mom-to-be opens your gift. Not only will she have an instant smile when she sees the special thought you put into her gift, but it will create envy throughout the room when she holds it up for all to see.

How do I choose a practical blanket?

Use That Blanket Everyday

If you are looking for a practical shower gift, a baby blanket is one of the most sensible choices. A newborn is wrapped in a blanket almost 24/7, so a new mom will always need to keep one within arm's reach. For a versatile blanket that will keep-up with baby's needs, make sure to choose one made from a multipurpose fabric.

Fleece is a very popular material that is warm, light-weight and breathable. It is suitable for a number of uses including, swaddling, sleeping and on-the-go. Fleece is also water repellent, drawing moisture away from the skin to help keep baby dry. This durable fabric is also stain resistant, so it will stand-up to daily use and it is easy to clean. For a super cuddly option that is both cute and functional, try the blanket with satin trim from Fleece Baby. This blanket has received rave reviews from top TV shows and publications including CBS Early Show and Time Magazine.

What gifts can I buy to highlight the crib set?

Coordinate with the Crib Set

One of the most exciting activities for expecting moms is decorating the nursery. The mom-to-be probably spent hours picking out the furniture, wall color and nursery bedding to ensure the room will be perfect for baby's arrival. Now all the room needs are the perfect accessories to add the final touch.

For a thoughtful baby shower gift, choose from a variety of nursery items that fit into the existing theme. If you are not sure where to start, keep in mind that most crib sets consist of 4 pieces – a crib sheet, comforter, dust ruffle and crib bumper. The set is usually part of a complete collection, so there are a number of coordinating accessories that you can purchase. Since most moms use the comforter as a wall hanging, give her a set of matching receiving blankets to tuck baby in at night. Additional decorative options include a window valance, diaper stacker or throw pillows. You can also mix and match to create a memorable gift basket.

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