A Centerpiece Makes a Fine Gift

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Does a centerpiece make a good baby shower gift?

A Centerpiece Makes a Fine Gift

If baby shower gift hunting didn't go quite as planned and you're still trying to decide what to bring for the new mommy, why not bring a baby shower centerpiece? Buy a large wicker basket and fill it to the brim with baby goodies that the new mommy will need. Stuff it with rattles, booties, pacifiers, teething rings, stuffed animals, bottles, and bibs. Fill any extra space with colorful tissue paper or confetti. Tie colorful balloons to the handle to top it off. To add something extra special, bring along enough candles to surround the basket. And, when you place the centerpiece on the table, put the candles around it and light them. Be sure, however, that you call the host ahead of time and let her know that the centerpiece is taken care of.



9/9/2006 5:28:09 PM
lorena said:

Im a grandma to be. I think this is a great Idea and do plan to use it for my center piece.thanks for the Idea.


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