Dirty Diaper Game

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Dirty Diaper Game

This is a fun game and it is also very simple to prepare and play. As each guest comes in attach a little diaper on them with a pin. To make the miniature diapers you'll need some small pieces of white fabric, or white napkins. Fold the fabric or napkin pieces into the shape of a diaper and secure with the pin that will also be used to attach the diaper to the guests. On one of the diapers melt a little chocolate chip or small piece of chocolate onto it. This will be the 'dirty' diaper. Sometime in the middle of the babyshower announce to each guest that someone has a diaper with a 'surprise' in it. So one by one have each guest check their diaper to see if they are due for a 'change'. The guest that has the 'dirty diaper' gets a prize, such as a chocolate bar or a baby bottle full of candy.



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