Infantile Taste Test

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What is a good baby shower game that involves baby food?

Infantile Taste Test

You can stop looking for baby shower game ideas now because this is a sure-fire winner. To play the "Infantile Taste Test" you will need 10 jars of baby food, each of which should be a different flavor. Remove the labels from each jar or cover them with something, such as tin foil, to conceal the labels. Write a highly visible number on each jar. Next, provide each participant with a paper plate, a plastic spoon, a piece of paper, and a pen. Pass each of the numbered jars around and have each woman place a scoop on her plate and write the corresponding number next to it. Then, have everyone taste each scoop and try to figure out what flovor it is. They should write their guesses on the sheet of paper with which they have been provided. Whoever guesses the most flavore correctly is the winner.



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