Personalized Babyshower Puzzle Game

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Personalized Babyshower Puzzle Game

This is an easy game and it's a good one to do at the beginning of the shower to get things started. It's a puzzle that comes from the website, which has lots of ideas and info for Babyshowers.

Simply go to this Puzzle Making Page and fill in the information. The site will then build the puzzle and you just have to print it out. The 'web puzzle' is free, but if you want a backgroud picture it will cost $5. It's not expensive, but you can get the same thing pretty much with the web puzzle at no cost. The web puzzle should print right from the web page where the puzzle is displayed. There is also a link that will give you the completed puzzle that you can print out as well, and use for comparing the guest's answers.

Hand a printed puzzle to each guest as they come in and have them complete it while the rest of the people arrive. When everyone is finished the person with the most correct answers gets a prize!



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