Girth Guesser

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What is a great baby shower game?

Girth Guesser

If you're having trouble coming up with good baby shower game ideas, Girth Guesser is a fun icebreaker. For this game all you will need is a few rolls of yarn and some scissors. To play, follow the instructions below:

  • Have the guests take a look at the mommy-to-be's belly
  • Ask guests to speculate how large the belly is
  • Have each guest cut a piece of yarn from the roll that they think will be long enough to equal the girth of the belly
  • After each guest has cut her piece of yarn, have the mother measure and cut a piece that is the exact girth
  • Compare the pieces of yarn and select the one that is the closest in length to the actual girth

This game is tons of fun and it is hilarious to see how much people will over or underestimate the girth of the expectant mommy's stomach. Before playing this game, take into consideration the feelings of the guest of honor. Is she shy? How sensitive is she? If you have doubts, don't play this game.



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