Give Them Something to Chew

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What kind of teething gifts are available?

Give Them Something to Chew

Ouch! Teething can hurt. Ask any baby what those new teeth breaking through the gums feel like and you're likely to get a screaming reply. While a newborn baby has some time before those new pearly whites start emerging, objects to soothe teething will be very useful to a new mother in the near future. Teething objects make very thoughtful and useful baby gifts to give at baby showers. You can always go with the usual teething rings but why not go for a more unique gift? Get that new little one a "Kammi Teething Doll" to help end those teething woes. The Kammi Doll is made of an absorbant terry material to soak up all that sloppy drool and it has multiple knots ties into it that are perfect for teething on.

*For best use, tell the new mommy to dampen the knots and place the doll in the freezer before use.



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