Convenient Solutions for Carrying Baby

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What activities can a baby sling or carrier be used for?

Convenient Solutions for Carrying Baby

Baby carriers and slings make great baby shower gifts and are more versatile than you might think. Most new moms don’t realize just how handy these baby carrying solutions can be until they start using one. They are great for on-the-go, around the house and everything in between.

A baby carrier or sling makes a great stroller substitute for quick shopping trips. It keeps baby safe and secure while leaving your hands free to browse through merchandise. It also makes it easier to navigate through crowded store aisles where a stroller might not fit. Baby carriers and slings can also be helpful for getting stuff done around the house. If you have a lot to do and the baby won’t stop fussing, put her in a carrier or sling and you can sooth your baby while you vacuum, sweep or do the laundry. In addition, the close contact helps mom build a stronger bond with baby.



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