Mom in the City

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What is a great gift idea for a new mom who lives in the city?

Mom in the City

Diaper Bags are not all created equal. Each type of bag has features that suit different personalities and lifestyles. For a city mom, a backpack diaper bag is probably the best choice. Living in the city means mom and baby will be doing lots of walking. A backpack style bag will keep her hands free to push the baby stroller. It is also less bulky so she can easily navigate through crowded streets.

When choosing a backpack diaper bag, make sure it is large enough to fit all baby's needs, but small enough to fit comfortably on mom's back. To help keep her organized, find a bag with multiple pockets and dividers. Bags that feature pockets on the outside are also handy. The easy access will make it simple for mom to grab what she needs when on-the-go. Added features like insulated bottle totes and changing stations are a plus.



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