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How can I choose a nursery theme?

Think Retro

If you are searching for a fun, non-traditional nursery theme, look to the past for inspiration. I'm not talking about buying all antique furniture or decorating with quilts from your great grandmother. There are a number of ways to create a hip, modern nursery using decor options that are influences by past times.

For example, if you are having a girl, look to the roaring 20's for a flapper inspired theme. Choose red and black bedding and decorate using feathers and sequined art. For a more girly option, go back to the 80's with a “material girl” theme. Create a super-girly environment with pink walls and decorate using oversized costume jewelry.

For a boy, go with a classic car theme. There are a variety of nursery products available, like lamps and wall hangings, which feature different car models. Mix and match colors and styles for an eclectic look. For a great room accessory that doubles as a toy, check out some of the options from American Retro Cars. They offer a selection of kids pedal cars that are inspired by the famous automobiles of the 1940's.



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