Post Baby Delivery Gift Basket

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Post Baby Delivery Gift Basket

Many new moms often say they wish they knew what they would really need after the delivery. The gifts given to moms-to-be are usually for the baby and when the mom gets gifts they are usually clothes and jewelry. These are great gifts and all moms love them and should get them. But a good gift that a new mom shouldn't go without is a gift basket filled with things she will need after she gives birth to her little one and goes home.

The basket should have items such as:

  • A pair of fluffy slippers

  • A comfy lounge/hoodie set

  • A wrap for her belly to help it shrink faster, such as the 'Belly Bandit'

  • Nursing pads (if she's nursing)

  • Scar cream if she had a C-section

  • Belly creams, such as those from the Bella Bee collection

  • A tote bag for the things that won't fit in a diaper bag for her first trip to the mall with baby

These items can really help the new mommy, especially in her first days as a mom. It's amazing how nice it can be to have a super comfy outfit to wear all day around the house on those first days at home with a new baby.



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