Setting a Date

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How do I choose a date for the baby shower?

Setting a Date

Are you canning the calendar in search of the perfect date on which to throw that baby shower? Showers are typically thrown before the baby is born, usually a month or two before the bay is due. It's a good idea to provide the expecting mother with enough time to go out and purchase the items that she didn't receive at the shower but wants to have before the bay is born. Additionally, keep in mind that it is dangerous to plan the shower too close to the due date as you never know if the baby will be in a hurry to get out! Instead of a baby shower, some have a "welcoming shower" a few weeks after the baby is born (this is generally the case if guests are eager to purchase gender specific gifts). This is also a smart idea if you want to include friends and relatives that will be coming in from out of town for the birth (grandparents, aunts, sisters, etc.).



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