Create Great Memories

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Create Great Memories

A wonderful way to create some good memories and to extend the time of wonder that comes with pregnancy is to write some letters that the mom-to-be can open in the future years as her baby grows.

The way to do this is by making it a game for the future mom's babyshower.

Hand some pretty paper stationary, along with a sealable envelope, to each guest at the shower. Depending on the number of guests, give each one a number that corresponds to a year in the baby's life; for example for 15 guests each one will get a number from 1 to 15. Give the mom-to-be a number also. (You can have them pick the numbers from a hat).

Next, have everyone write a letter to the baby corresponding to the age they picked. They can write anything from advice, funny stories about the mom and her friends or current events that apply to the present time.

The mom and baby will have a great time reminiscing at each birthday as they open a new letter for that year from one of the guests and friends from the year the baby was born.



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