Make Name Tags for the Guests

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Make Name Tags for the Guests

Chances are that not all the guests at the Babyshower will know each other. A good and fun way to remedy the situation is by making cute nametags for everyone. When people call you to RSVP, ask then how they would like to be known and/or introduced at the shower. As an example, one way would be: 'Sherryl: mommy-to-be's coworker' or 'Emma: mommy-to-be's childhood friend'.

This way everyone will know each other's name and who they are in relation to the future mom. It will also make for some good 'break the ice' small talk when people start making comments about how they met the mommy-to-be. This method of naming everyone will also help the guests know who the family members are. They can congratulate the new grandmothers to be or ask the future cousins to be if they are looking forward to their new playmate cousin.

The nametags can be hand made or designed with a computer. You can make them fun and cute by adding some clip art and just go all out and be creative!



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