Cute Pea Pod Favors for Guests

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Cute Pea Pod Favors for Guests

A very cute Babyshower party favor that you can make yourself is a 'Pea Pod'. They are easy to make and not too costly. You will need some green cellophane paper, green ribbon and small round green soaps.

Wrap two or three soaps in a rectangular piece of cellophane, leave enough extra cellophane on each side of the soaps to tie the ribbon on. Twist the ends to secure the soaps in the cellophane and tie a piece of ribbon on each side.

Then, you can either attach a small card with a baby message or make one yourself out of cardboard and attach it to the ribbon by hole punching it in the corner.

This works especially well for twin Babyshowers, but of course it's equally cute for any number of babies!



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