Chocolate Fountain BabyShower Centerpiece

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Chocolate Fountain BabyShower Centerpiece

This is a centerpiece idea that guests will rave about during the shower and for weeks afterwards. It's delicious and fun at the same time.

You can either rent or buy a chocolate fountain. Renting it is advised if you only plan to use it for the baby shower occasion, they are not expensive to rent and are well worth it.

Display the chocolate fountain in the middle of the main table or on the kitchen counter, if it is easily accessible to the guests. Put a nice tablecloth underneath it with some paper doilies on top of that (there will be chocolate dribbles as guests dip food into the fountain!). Then have a pretty tray topped with the dipping food. You can have items such as fruit pieces and plain cookies; anything you think will taste good with chocolate.

The fountain will have instructions on how to set it up and make it work. Basically you just fill it with a chocolate mixture and turn the machine on so that it melts. Then, it will run a continuous flow of chocolate through it, just like 'a fountain'. Guests can use long toothpicks or forks and place their food pieces under the chocolate flow until covered and enjoy!

It's a delicious way to stand around and get to know other guests while enjoying some good and gooey chocolate!



8/31/2009 10:14:06 PM
Lilly said:

Rite! Chocolate fountain is a nice idea to use as baby shower centerpiece. Thanks for the information.

I have more information on baby shower decorations and planning, perhaps it would be helpful.


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