Lip Balm BabyShower Party Favors

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Lip Balm BabyShower Party Favors

A useful party favor for the baby shower is some personalized lip balm. Most women like lip balm and it's something that won't be tossed away in a drawer.

The best lip balm to use to make this party favor is the type that comes in a round tin or container. Try to get both plain and flavored and give each guest one of each.

To personalize it cut some paper into circles that are the size of the lip balm's lid. You can do this by tracing the lip balm onto the paper with pencil to use as a guide for cutting. Then, get some cute stickers that have cute baby designs on them and attach them onto the cut out circles of paper. You can glue the circles onto the lids of the lip balms as is, or you can add a short message such as the name of the future mommy and date of the shower.

To add a last touch, wrap the lip balms in two's with some mesh material or colored cellophane twisting it closed with a piece of ribbon.



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