Babyshower Photography Tips

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Babyshower Photography Tips

One of the most important things to do at a babyshower is to take photos. These will be kept for the mom-to-be so she can remember her day and also to show the baby when she is old enough to understand pictures.

Here are some tips for great photo taking during the fun event:

  • Before the guests arrive take a few pictures of the decorated party area

  • Place a sign somewhere near the door or on a corner that has the date and the name of the mommy-to-be (ex. Lena's Baby Shower - December 15th, 2009)

  • Take a picture of every guest as they arrive by the sign mentioned above

  • Make sure to take candid photos during the shower games

  • Take lots of pictures that show the mommy-to-be and her belly

  • Take pictures of the food before serving it to the guests

  • Be sure and take one photo of each time the future mommy opens a gift (take turns with 3 or 4 other friends for this, as it could take a while) be sure that the gifts show well on the photos

  • Take at least one picture of every guest throughout.

  • Make sure that the camera is set right for the lighting conditions in the party area and be sure the flash is on, if needed. A digital camera comes in handy for this, as you can see the picture right away and can retake it if needed.



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